Degrees in Journalism

Career Options with This Degree

Journalism is a specialized field within the communication industry. In this line of work, students can be a writer or work in television or radio communications. Journalists travel around the world and cover everything from current political events to fashion to food. This field allows students to combine one of their passions (like sports or parenting) with communication. In addition to serving as a news analyst or reporter, a degree in journalism can also lead to work as a teacher, editor, producer, publisher, fact checker, researcher, and more.

Average Salary of Degree Holders

The salary students can expect as an entry-level journalist depends on the scope of their work. Many companies and publications hire workers on a freelance basis at first, then later consider them for a full-time position. Students could also be paid a percentage of advertising sales or subscription sales, rather than per piece or a typical salary. Of course, many journalists also do work on salary, and according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for journalists as of May 2012 was $45,120. Like with most industries, students typically earn more money in management and director positions, so they can benefit from working their way up the ladder to work in positions with increasing amounts of responsibility.

Coursework Required to Obtain This Degree

As one can image, a degree in journalism requires a number of communication courses, so expect to take classes in writing, visual media, and public relations. Students can also benefit from related classes in fields like law and business, so create a schedule with classes that cover the topics students want to cover as a journalist. For example, if students are interested in world events, they can take political science and current events classes, while if they are interested in the arts, they can take art history or music classes.

Associates in Communication Degree Programs

Associates in Communication degrees can help prepare students for entry level positions within the journalism, communication, and reporting industries.

Bachelors in Communication Degree Programs

Bachelor degrees in Communications provide a foundation for a career in communication while also providing a broader range of skill sets to students.

Masters in Communication Degree Programs

A master’s degree in communication allows students to pursue high level positions as well as teaching or research related opportunities.

English/Language Arts Degree Programs

Degrees in English and language arts are more suited for students who are interested in becoming teachers. Although, many other positions are still obtainable with this degree.

Journalism Schools and Degrees

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