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Best in #Journalism: 151 Twitters Worth a Follow | Journalism Degrees and Programs
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In Twitter’s early days, skeptics scoffed at the idea that anything useful could be conveyed within the 140 character limit. Now, the world’s most influential news organizations and journalists use Twitter for direct dialogue with their readers, viewers, and peers in a way that was never possible during the reign of the newspaper, or even during the early days of web journalism. Twitter has enabled “citizen journalists” to share stories long before they are publicized by major networks, and many of the best journalists use Twitter to break news and share info about major global events before there has even been time to type up a news item about them. Major news stories like the Boston Marathon bombings and a massive earthquake in Beijing have been broken on Twitter. Some stories blur the lines about what “news” even means. Beginning in 2010, Arab Spring organizers were using Twitter both to plan their actions and to share their successes with the world, which led to massive news coverage and crowdsourced info and imagery in major publications.

Twitter has changed journalism more than any other social media platform, and today’s smartest journalists are getting everything they can from it. These are some of the journalists, bloggers, and news organizations that are pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with Twitter. They are loosely categorized and ordered by follower count within each category. Budding journalists and seasoned pros should be following every one of these accounts.


  1. @NYTimes


    The New York Times is a global news powerhouse, and has been the paper of record in the U.S. for over 150 years. The NYT has won more Pulitzers than any other publication (112), and the paper has developed a massive and comprehensive web presence including pages on all major social networks.

  2. @bbcworld


    The BBC is a global news titan that needs no introduction. Based in the UK, the BBC has grown from the first national broadcasting system to a comprehensive news organization that reports on up to the minute news via their broadcast channels and web presence.

  3. @NewYorker


    The New Yorker is a weekly publication that reports on the latest politics, culture, and more. Tweets help keep readers updated in the same topical and informative manner that has set the publication apart for decades.

  4. @AP


    The Associated Press is one of the largest news teams in the world and works to cover all of the most pressing stories of today. Their Twitter account functions as one of the most impressively updated feeds, often with up-to-the-minute developments.

  5. @AJEnglish


    Al Jazeera is one of the most influential news organizations in the world. The Qatar based network has expanded rapidly since the early 2000s, and is now considered a global news leader. Al Jazeera’s @AJEnglish Twitter handle shares global news for an English-speaking audience. They also have an America-specific Twitter handle (@ajam) and other global branches.

  6. @VICE


    VICE has quickly risen to the top of “alt media” sources with their provocative subject matter and willingness to take a unique view on a story. Their tweets reinforce this notion and their feed is loaded with unique news articles.

  7. @MotherJones


    A bastion for progressive ideals, Mother Jones is a held in high regard for their thought provoking investigative journalism and ability to get down to important issues in a manner that does not fall short on detail. The tweets keep users informed on the latest developments and keep a constant flow of introspective pieces.

  8. @Salon

    Salon has grown into a highly regarded source for political journalism and pop culture analysis. Their tweets vary content, while keeping an informed tone that rarely ventures into unproductive.

  9. @ProPublica


    Pro Publica is a nonprofit, independent newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Their tweets are interest sting news features from around the country.

  10. @PolitiFact


    PolitiFact is a great Twitter account to follow for a fact checking and politics. Their journalists and editors work to provide reliable news for citizens for all the noise of the news.

  11. @Poynter


    Poynter is a well-regarded institute for journalism and their tweets often detail the most effective methods for improving a journalist’s skillset, while helping to improve writing integrity. The articles often also express some of the most interesting commentary that helps propel the field forward.

  12. @pressgazette


    The Press Gazzette is a London-based publication that focuses on reporting on journalists and the field of journalism as a whole. The Twitter feed provides a unique outlet for stories that often go overlooked since typically journalists are writing a story and not directly a part of it.

  13. @CJR


    The Columbia Journalism Review is a highly regarded organization that is constantly promoting insightful content that aims to inform the public and make them more educated. It’s a great tool for journalists to see how to best cater content that is engaging.

  14. @Truthdig


    Truthdig has great articles that don’t shy away from provocative stories, but always make sure it’s accurate and is only comprised of valuable content. They often post on global issues and have great input on political issues.

  15. @PBSMediaShift


    PBS Mediashift is devoted to following the increased shift to digital media and the role journalism will have in the 21st century and moving forward. Tweets focus on the different ways that media is changing and subsequently, journalism.

  16. @muckrack


    Muckrack follows journalists currently working in the industry. They engage in conversations about the state of journalism, writing, social media, and figuring out what the audience wants in its news.

  17. @journalismjobs


    JournalismJobs is a great account to follow for any new graduates or journalist freelancers looking for jobs. Their listings are from a number of global enterprises and consist of postings such as reporters, researchers, and photographers.

  18. @CIRonline


    The Center for Investigative Reporting does impressive work by researching some of the most important issues and providing substantive pieces that promote the most thorough insight. Readers can read up on prison problems, childcare dilemmas, and social injustices.

  19. @highcountrynews


    High Country News emphasizes renewed interest in the environment, specifically for the western United States. They advocate for important issues, while simultaneously advocating for the most important issues faced.

  20. @readmatter


    Matter posts some of the most engaging articles on our list, often discussing issues pertaining to the future in just about every aspect. From political commentary to technology research, the articles are incredibly fun to read and educational.

  21. @ojr


    The Online Journalism Review is based out of the University of Southern California and emphasizes the current state of journalism and where it is imagined to be heading as things move increasingly digital and online. The tweets show innovative practices being done to cut a new path in contemporary media.

  22. @muckrakerpress

    muckrakerpress prides themselves on their ability to cut to the point and dive deeper on important issues. Their tweets address some of the most pressing issues of today, from fracking, to SOPA, to net neutrality laws.

  23. @AmJourReview


    The American Journalism Review helps promote and convey innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital storytelling. The tweets explain all the ways journalism is evolving today and how we can work together to better the field.

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    Journalists & Blogs


  25. @andersoncooper


    As one of the leading figures in media today, Anderson Cooper is highly active on Twitter and is consistently engaged to provide some of the most well-rounded information and commentary on Twitter.

  26. @MMFlint


    Michael Moore is a well-known documentarian whose work has been featured on almost every major media outlet across America and the UK. His tweets often examine various aspects of the government and he aims to bring clarity to the wealth of issues he tackles.

  27. @ggreenwald


    Gleen Greenwald was catapulted into the spotlight for his incredible article for the UK-based newspaper The Guardian that discussed, in-depth the ways the NSA was imposing on American rights. His tweets continuously delve into some of the most worthwhile subjects across the internet, frequently focused on civil liberties and human rights.

  28. @stkonrath


    Steffen Konrath operates Liquid News Room, a Real Time Web newswire that promises to highlight must-read stories and must-follow journalists from across the internet. Konrath’s own tweets offer a blend of straight news, commentary, and humor, and journalism industry coverage.

  29. @mattyglesias


    Matt Yglesias covers economics for Slate and his tweets focus on various aspects of economics, mostly in the United States, but globally as well. The Twitter feed consists of highly respected opinions on economic matters, many times presented in a more understandable matter for the general viewer.

  30. @OHnewsroom


    Overheard in the Newsroom is a Twitter feed that provides a way for journalists to cool off and read funny quotes heard in newsrooms across the country. Additionally, they welcome any humorous quotes you may hear in your own newsroom.

  31. @romenesko


    Jim Romenesko runs a website about trends in media and the news. He regularly tweets about journalists, trending stories, and journalist education.

  32. @Ihnatko


    Chicago Sun-Times technology columnist Andy Ihnatko exemplifies what a good journalist looks like in the 21st century and his tweets detail some of the best technology news today. His tweets mix in fun commentary on issues as well, making his feed particularly engaging.

  33. @AntDeRosa


    Anthony is the editor-in-chief of mobile news start-up Circa. He has been cited as a reliable news source as well as awarded as a journalist several times.

  34. @cschweitz


    Callie Schweitzer tweets really great articles that are dense with worthwhile facts and an engaging presentation. The posts tackle global economics, popular culture, new media, and more.

  35. @journalistics


    Journalistics is a blog about public relations and journalism. Their tweets are focused on social media, branding, and company strategies.

  36. @mediagazer


    Mediagazer sees one of the problems of today’s current news format as being an inability to discern worthwhile content from the static of listicles and fluff pieces that compile large amounts of the internet today. Their Twitter account promises articles dense with useful information, while their website pulls the most pertinent articles from each publication together to remove unnecessary pieces.

  37. @JoannaStern


    As the Wall Street Journal Personal Technology Columnist, Joanna Stern is often tweeting great pieces on devices and the latest innovations in the industry. Her posts also look at intriguing design elements.

  38. @10000Words


    10,000 Words is an integrative solution to finding the best articles, specifically on how journalism and technology intersect. Providing useful perspective on highly specific issues and continuing all the way to broad overviews of topics, it’s a useful to just about anyone.

  39. @emilybell


    Emily Bell is the director of the Digital Journalism Center at the Columbia Journalism School. Her tweets are usually about current events and newsworthy goings on.

  40. @DanielEllsberg


    Daniel Ellsberg is a renowned figure in the journalism community and does impressive work at marking how integral the press is to keeping the government in check and the public safe. His tweets detail various articles and organizations he’s involved in that promote investigative journalism.

  41. @stevesilberman


    Steve Silberman is an investigative reporter for Wired, among other magazines, and was selected by TIME Magazine as one of the premier Twitter accounts concerning science. His posts often present a refreshing mix between unique pictures, informative articles, and engaging interaction with others.

  42. @JournalistsLike


    JournalistsLike is the Twitter account for the StuffJournalistLike website. It is an account that celebrates the weird quirks of journalism and dedication of journalists.

  43. @paulbradshaw


    Writer Paul Bradshaw focuses on online & data journalism. His Twitter is heavy on politics and tries to reach out to current students in journalism.

  44. @weeddude


    Michael Rusch is an editor at Buzzfeed and posts a significant amount of tweets relating to the latest information in popular culture. His Twitter account was voted one of the 140 best in 2013 by Time Magazine and blends articles with great commentary.

  45. @AnnaHolmes


    Founder of and included on Time’s 140 Top Twitter Feeds, Anna Holmes leads the way in broadcasting incredible content relating to issues women face, but doesn’t leave tweets at just that. Holmes’ writings have prompted significant discussion about some of the most relevant issues of today.

  46. @stevebuttry


    Steve Buttry is the Digital Transformation Editor at Digital First Media and posts innovative content on his Twitter account on digital journalism. Since it’s the fastest growing area in journalism, his page functions as a great way to get insight into where journalism and technology meet.

  47. @webjournalist


    Robert Hernandez is a communication professor who has also worked for,,, and La Prensa Gráfica. He focuses both his career and his teaching on web journal solutions.

  48. @antloewenstein


    Antony Loewenstein confronts all sorts of issues on his Twitter account, with a significant number of them specifically about Jewish communities around the world and oppression faced daily. He tweets great videos and articles that provide significant insight into the biggest questions of today.

  49. @profkrg


    Kenna Griffin is a journalism professor based in Oklahoma City and posts unique content on her Twitter feed that ranges from motivational to ways to improve journalistic integrity. Her experience as a former journalist and as a professor allows her to address issues students and other journalists may not have thought of.

  50. @atompkins


    With numerous accolades to his name and over 30 years as a professional journalist, Al Tompkins takes his experience and contributes as one of the most integral parts of Poynter, where he serves as a Senior Faculty member.

  51. @melissalyttle


    Melissa Lyttle is a photographer and staffer at the Tampa Bay Times and tweets interesting pieces on photography and media overall. Her Twitter account is often updated, so readers can always depend on new content on the latest issues.

  52. @adders


    Adam Tinworth is a writer who focuses on digital journalism and blogging. His Twitter is full of conversations between journalists and social media news.

  53. @lindy2350


    Melinda Wenner Moyer is a Parenting Advice Journalist for Slate, while have significant experience as a journalist in the areas of science, health, and nutrition. She’s an adjunct professor at CUNY and she’s had an impressive array of works published.

  54. @add


    Andy Donohue works for The Center for Investigative Reporting and tweets on important issues, while helping to reaffirm journalistic integrity and create resources for reporters to use. His tweets consistently call on increased government accountability while addressing corruption.

  55. @donaldrwinslow


    As the Editor of News Photographer Magazine for the National Press Photographers Association, Donald R. Winslow is a highly respected voice in the field of journalism, teaching photographers valuable techniques for improving the ability for photographs to align with stories journalists may be working on.

  56. @nppalawyer


    Michael Osterreicher is a lawyer for the National Press Photographers Association and helps advocate for visual journalists to ensure proper and fair enforcement of the First Amendment on their behalf. His tweets typically convey what is going on in journalism today.

  57. @jeremyhl


    Dr. Jeremy Lipschultz is the Director of the University of Nebraska School of Communication and has the expertise to help budding journalism students move into larger roles in their careers by having the best knowledge at their disposal.

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    Press Organizations


  59. @wikileaks


    Regardless of your views of Julian Assange, there’s no denying that WikiLeaks has profoundly changed the way that the world views government transparency on a number of issues. Their work has been integral to breaking down walls between the public and their respective governments, while championing the furthering of our rights on and offline.

  60. @EFF


    EFF works to defend free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today. FF has championed the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights.

  61. @NiemanLab


    The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University works intently to develop thorough research initiatives that depict where the field of journalism will be heading in coming decades. Their tweets express some of the most comprehensive content, with links ranging from worthwhile quotes to thoughtful headlines.

  62. @pewresearch


    Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan firm based in Washington DC that has been a crucial part to gauging what trends are developing throughout America and the world. It makes a great journalist resource for getting statistics on any number of subjects.

  63. @knightfdn


    The Knight Foundation helps to promote the best journalism possible through innovative media ideas. Tweets help to foster a stronger sense of togetherness among those working in journalism.

  64. @pressfreedom


    The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. They share the important work of reminding the world that journalism can be risky and that some journalists are threatened or imprisoned for their work in some parts of the world.

  65. @OpenSecretsDC


    This organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government. They inform citizens, empower voters, and advocate for a more transparent government, often using their Twitter in their educational and call to action movements.

  66. @freepress


    Free Press is a nonpartisan organization that strongly advocates for the rights of individuals across America and tweets worthwhile information that shows how viewers can take back their rights related to online connectedness. Journalists frequently cite Free Press for their continued work to fight for citizen’s rights, especially as the legality of various online actions enters more grey areas.

  67. @Publici


    The Center for Public Integrity was founded in 1989 and is one of the country’s oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. The Center distributes its investigations through its award-winning website and to all forms of media including broadcast, print, online, and blogs, around the globe.

  68. @The_FJP


    The Future Journalism Project is a mix of original thinking, reporting and curation of important thought and media across the web. Their future plans include funding long form journalism and its offshoots by connecting funding sources with writers, documentarians, data wranglers, technologists and other media producers.

  69. @NPPA


    The NPPA works to advance professional visual journalism through education, info, networking, business resources and advocacy. Their Twitter account and other social media naturally features prolific photography from current events and throughout history, as well as the news and business of NPPA and current scholarships and events available for members.

  70. @spj_tweets


    The Society of Professional Journalists is dedicated to encouraging a climate in which journalism can be practiced more freely and fully, stimulating high standards. Students are encouraged to become members as a way to demonstrate commitment to producing the best journalists possible and get exposure the nation’s largest and most broad-based membership organization for journalists.

  71. @ONA


    The Online News Association provides training for digital journalists around the world, while also hosting events such as the Online Journalism Awards and #ONA13. Tweets typically equip students with the knowledge to advance themselves professionally while also detailing valuable scholarship opportunities.

  72. @BBCCollege


    The BBC is regarded as one of the leaders in broadcasting and journalism practices, so it should come as no surprise that the BBC College of Journalism is a top institution for the dissemination of everything related to the field. Their tweets make it easier to get information on how journalism is developing as a whole.

  73. @Watchdogorg

    Watchdogorg works ardently to monitor government activity across America to hold officials accountable for their actions. Each tweet touches on another issue to ensure the public is more informed on the most pressing matters.

  74. @Pulitzercenter


    The Pulitzer Center is a leading organization for independent reporting of affairs globally and helps promote the prevalence of independent journalism. Tweets often post on unique news stories from around the world.

  75. @TBIJ


    The Bureau of Investigative Journalism is a British independent not-for-profit organization, pursuing journalism which is of public benefit. They research government and private organizations and their influences, and their findings are available to the public.

  76. @ScienceWriters


    Science Writers gives an outlet to the National Association of Science Writers and is comprised of over 2000 members. Tweets typically look at various aspects of science journalism and maintaining factual articles.

  77. @ICFJ


    The International Center for Journalists is a highly regarded non-profit organization that advocates for journalists across the globe and helps equip them with the resources to make their work more effective. Tweets showcase the various ways they’re involved with promoting quality journalism.

  78. @JLab


    J-Lab has a long and respected track record of turning ideas into action – they fund news start-ups and reward innovation in journalism. Their Twitter is a way to promote their efforts and connect with talented people.

  79. @NABJ


    The National Association of Black Journalists ensures that black journalists across the world are aptly equipped with the proper resources to tell the best stories possible. The tweets touch on a wealth of topics that lead to a better informed community of journalists.

  80. @APSE_sportmedia


    For those looking to become editors and reporters for sports journalism, the APSE is an excellent source of information and trends in sports journalism. Not only do they report on where sports journalism is lacking, they support conferences to help continue education for sports editors and writers and support journalists in their sports-centered careers.

  81. @AHCJ_Pia


    Pia Christensen is the Managing editor for the Association of Health Care Journalists. She shares trending health headlines, health journalism news and media tips for other journalists.

  82. @sejorg


    The Society of Environmental Journalists works to not only strengthen the quality of this field of journalism, but also advance the understanding of environmental issues. Their Twitter feed is full of environmental issues, including global news, research, studies, and federal laws that impact issues and the industry stateside.

  83. @cityjournalism


    The City Journalism account is news & views from faculty, alumni and students of one of the world’s top Journalism schools, at City University London. Their tweets help spark and enhance conversations regarding PR, social media, and content.

  84. @community_media


    The Community Media Association is a UK based organization that advocates for using television and radio to promote positive social change. By advocating for public access to broadcasting capabilities, the organization hopes to help communities achieve their own goals for social advancement.

  85. @PressClubDC


    The National Press Club details the journalists that work in Washington and the particular enjoyments and struggles faced in such a unique job situation. Tweets give insight into how to get involved as a journalist in the capital and more.

  86. @SPLC


    The Student Press Law Center is a non-profit organization that works to give students the rights to facilitate change as a journalist, while being afforded the legal help journalists often attain professionally. Tweets are often spent discussing upcoming events and how students can be the most effective journalists.

  87. @AEJMC


    The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication unites journalism professors and media professionals to highlight ways for helping new journalists. They actively engage with other journalists on Twitter and hand various awards.

  88. @INN


    The mission of INN is to help nonprofit news organizations produce and distribute stories with impact and to achieve cost efficiencies by pooling resources and services. Their members share content and resources, connect with professional- and business-development services, and lead the evolving practice of journalism in the public interest.

  89. @djournalist


    The Digital Journalist is multimedia magazine focusing on photojournalism. Run by seasoned veterans of the journalist industry, this publication showcases important and newsworthy photography from around the globe. They also regularly feature reviews about which cameras are a good investment for photojournalists, which workshops they should take and how the changing industry might affect them.

  90. @mpamagmedia


    The Association of Magazine Media is the industry association for multi-platform magazine companies. They provide knowledge, tools, and resources to support the industry’s digital expansion and provide innovation and leadership for media and journalism as a whole.

  91. @NewsEditors


    The American Society of News Editors promotes fair journalism, defends and protects First Amendment rights and fights for freedom of information. Members can be editors, producers or directors in charge of journalistic organizations or departments as well as deans or faculty at university journalism schools and leaders and faculty of media-related foundations.

  92. @NAAupdates


    The Newspaper Association of America continues to bring news, trends, and information to journalists. They regularly share new federal laws that could affect journalism, upcoming conferences, or other news from the media industry.

  93. @rcfp


    The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press helps journalists of all walks of life get the legal support needed, regardless of situation. Tweets generally detail developments in journalism and upcoming events.

  94. @AltWeeklies


    Association of Alternative Newsmedia is a diverse group of 120 alternative news organizations across the U.S. and Canada. While there is a broad range of publications within this group, they have a focus on local news, culture and the arts as well as an eagerness to report on issues and communities that many mainstream media outlets ignore.

  95. @cijournalism


    The Center for Investigative Journalism is an organization held in high regard, as they work passionately to promote the highest quality work and hold sources accountable for accuracy. As a registered charity, they make sure the work they do encourages long-lasting change.

  96. @CalWatchdog


    Cal Watchdog is a journalism group that is non-partisan and helps to hold the government accountable in the state of California. The tweets often explain different bills being proposed and the implications of them, along with controversies across the state.

  97. @IFJGlobal


    The International Federation of Journalists is the world’s largest organization of journalists. They promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through free and independent trade unions of journalists, recognizing that quality journalism can only be achieved without fear of poverty or corruption.

  98. @NatPress


    The National Press Foundation uses its resources to education journalists in the US and around the world through fellowships and other academic programs. They also recognize excellence in journalism through several yearly awards.

  99. @NSPA


    NSPA is dedicated to supporting journalism students. They uphold scholastic journalism by educating and connecting student journalists and publication advisers through contests, critiques and conventions.

  100. @irworkshop


    The Investigative Reporting Workshop helps give a place to non-profit journalism in the 21st century and establishes innovative practices that enable journalists to be the most effective in their positions. Tweets emphasize the work they’re currently doing to drive the field forward.

  101. @SABEW


    The Society of American Business Editors and Writer exists to ensure the highest standards of economic journalism. Members are offered education and training through conferences and webinars, as well as access to networking opportunities and publications such as newsletters and access to scholarly materials.

  102. @youthjournalism


    This is the premiere education site for K-12 journalists and their teachers. This Twitter account highlights scholarships available for students and schools, as well as important journalism events.

  103. @AWSM_SportMedia


    The association for Women in Sports Media is a worldwide organization of more than 600 women and men (professional and student) employed in sports writing, editing, broadcast and production, PR and sports information. They serve as a positive advocate for women in sports media and mentor those entering sports media.

  104. @collegetalk


    College Media Advisers serves student media pros, staffs and programs with education, research and resources. They regularly tweet news and trends on college campuses and among students.

  105. @APME


    APME is an association of editors at newspapers in the United States and Canada. They work closely with The Associated Press to create journalism excellence and to support a national network for the training and development of editors who will work in the media centers of the digital age.

  106. @jeapresident


    The Journalism Education Association is the largest scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers, and they work to train educators on how to best influence and work with students. The president of the organization uses this Twitter account to spread news to students and faculty.

  107. @nnaonline


    The mission of the National Newspaper Association is to protect, promote and enhance America’s community newspapers. Print newspapers continue to be anchors to small towns and communities, both for actual news as well as economic support and jobs within towns and outlying areas, so the NNA support helps these papers thrive and allows this needed communal element to continue.

  108. @WeAreSFJ


    The Society of Features Journalism helps journalists refine their craft through some of the most innovative posts across the internet. They’re incredibly active in retweeting other notable journalism publications, which only makes their feed stronger.

  109. @nfoic


    The National Freedom of Information Coalition campaigns to make sure that documents are made available to the public in a timely manner that promotes transparency, while still keeping the United States safe. Their tweets often depict the best ways to get involved in working towards better transparency and how to be a better investigative journalist.

  110. @news_guild


    News Guild is a union of over 34,000 individuals throughout most of North America that are actively involved in journalism today. They tweet engaging pieces from a variety of sources that consistently reinforce union support as well.

  111. @PeaceJourn


    Steven Youngblood is the Director for the Center for Global Peace Journalism. He is a teacher, journalist and activist focusing on ethical and coherent journalism.

  112. @penplusbytes


    This organization is based in Ghana, Africa and since 2001 has made significant contributions in the area of governance and accountability, new media and innovations. Their community of journalists ensure both citizens and journalists demand greater accountability and transparency from government.

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  114. @cshirky


    Clay Shirky holds a joint appointment at NYU, as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and as an Associate Professor in the Journalism Department. His writings focus on the effects of the internet on society.

  115. @jeffjarvis


    Jeff Jarvis is an author, professor, editor, and publisher. He is a long time journalist and writer who regularly tweets and writes about current events as well as the current state of the publishing and journalism industry.

  116. @henryjenkins


    Henry Jenkins is the Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He is working to develop a new research project focused on young people and student journalists, participatory culture, and public engagement.

  117. @jluntz1906


    Jason Luntz has several degrees in communication and new media journalism and is currently a social media consultant. He specializes in branding and creating effective social media accounts for individuals and businesses.

  118. @dikeough


    Diana Keough is a Pulitzer prize-nominated medical journalist and a TED talk presenter. Her posts on Twitter are regularly health-related tips and news from new health and medical studies that are important and relevant to readers.

  119. @koci


    Koci Hernandez is an Assistant Professor of New Media at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. As a graduate professor, he seeks to help students identify the role of investigative reporting in the current media landscape, and uses Twitter to highlight the thoughts of new and long-term journalists towards the future of journalism and publishing, as well as what is currently working and being seen as successful.

  120. @Brizzyc


    Professor Carrie Brown-Smith works at the University of Memphis and focuses on newsroom change, social media, and entrepreneurial journalism. She actively tweets useful posts for students to advance their knowledge of journalism, but maintains content that professionals can use as well.

  121. @robquig


    Robert Quigley is a journalism professor at the University of Texas teaching the roles of mobile news and social media. His own social media account is full of conversations with other journalists, reporters and students, as well as retweets of news sources.

  122. @georgeprof


    George Brock is a Professor and Head of Journalism at City University London. He works to spread valuable information to new journalists and create articles that help seasoned journalists think about what is to come in this digital age.

  123. @ljthornton


    Leslie-Jean Thornton is a professor at the Cronkite School for Journalism at Arizona University and uses her Twitter feed to touch on the latest issues in the news. It’s filled with infographics, pictures, and links to quality articles.

  124. @sdoig


    Steve Doig is a long time professional journalist and former Miami Herald investigative reporter. He is also a journalism professor at ASU’s Cronkite School and regularly tweets tips for new journalists and journalism students, including ideas for protecting sources and places to find good data.

  125. @SethCLewis


    Seth Lewis is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. His research has won several awards and he is published in leading peer reviewed journals. His current communications research includes examining the role of data and programming in the world of news and information.

  126. @hwasser


    Herman Wasserman teaches journalism and media studies at the School of Journalism and Media Studies Rhodes University in South Africa. He has written and edited several books on the South African media, including titles on tabloid journalism and volumes on press freedom and global media ethics.

  127. @derekpoore


    Derek Poore is a visiting assistant professor and Knight multimedia editor at the Missouri School of Journalism. His specialty is photography, photojournalism, and regularly tweets is about culture and travel photography.

  128. @garykebbel


    Gary Kebbel is a professor working with mobile and social media at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is also the former director of AOL News and a founding editor of His years of experience and knowledge of journalism through an ever changing landscape makes him an invaluable resource for students and current journalists.

  129. @tiffinit


    Tiffini Theisen is a journalism pro, as she is a copy editor at the Tampa Tribune as well as the visiting professor at the University of Tampa. Her Twitter account is a mix of announcements about the university, journalism news and other media links.

  130. @ellenm53


    Ellen Mrja is a professor of public relations, media law, and online journalism in Minnesota and she often tweets various developments in the news, particularly related to media. Students and journalism professors alike will find great use in her account.

  131. @zandile


    This Twitter account is run by the editor-in-chief of Hello Nigeria Magazine and fashion journalism professor. She is also the founder of Africa Styled and is a perfect account to follow for journalism students looking to follow down this particular branch of media and journalism.

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  133. @NewhouseSU


    The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is a top-ranked communications school. Students here train to become leaders in a changing media landscape through industry partnerships, diversity, leadership, and a longstanding history of educational growth.

  134. @USCAnnenberg


    USC Annenberg is among the nation’s leading institutions devoted to the study of journalism, communication, public relations and public diplomacy. They regularly have professional journalists as guest speakers and often provide students with the opportunity to attend multi-speaker conferences about journalism, communication jobs, and writing experiences. Their Twitter feed also offers additional resources for on campus and online events and information.

  135. @newsu


    NewsU E-Learning is a professional resource that helps give training concerning media and journalism. It’s useful for everyone from students to journalists and more, with posts often touching on how journalism is evolving in the 21st century.

  136. @MedillSchool


    The Medill School at Northwestern University is the school of journalism, media, and marketing communications. With a quality education and training as writers and reporters, graduates from this school have gone on to work for magazines, as teachers, movie writers, entrepreneurs, and in many other important and successful careers.

  137. @risj_oxford


    Over nearly the past decade, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has stood as one of the premier institutions for international journalism research. Tweets showcase the different events they often host, along with some very introspective commentary on the current role of the media and where it is heading.

  138. @KUJournalism


    The Twitter account for the KU school of Journalism announces all university events, as well as journalism news. They work to connect students across the campus as well as with journalism contacts in the industry.

  139. @SMPAGWU


    The School of Media and Public Affairs is a one of a kind program, focusing on media, journalism, and political communication with a focus on the connections between ideas and information and how the media informs policy and politics. Students engage with Washington and the world through internships and access to decision makers, community leaders, and power brokers.

  140. @Unl_CoJMC


    UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communication is an award winning college in journalism, broadcasting, and advertising. They regularly post about important campus events, relevant news stories, and communications from students.

  141. @UMN_SJMC


    The mission of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication is to integrate mass communication education, research and outreach. They are committed to teaching students to think critically and creatively in an environment that is diverse, dynamic, and globally aware.

  142. @WVUJournalism


    The WVU P.I.Reed School of Journalism is a student-centered journalism school that trains and graduates mass communication specialists. Their Twitter connects students with events on campus, communication and journalism jobs.

  143. @HoyaJournalism


    Hoya Journalism is the official Twitter account of the Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Journalism Degree Program, often depicting some of the best resources for journalism students to advance their careers. While many of the tweets are focused on content specifically for members of the university, students from across the country can find renewed use in them.

  144. @merrillcollege


    The Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland is an important training center for journalism students. They are constantly updating their Twitter with important information about the evolution of journalism through social media, continuing education opportunities, and new journalism platforms for students to consider.

  145. @iupuijournalism


    The Indiana University School of Journalism at Indianapolis keeps viewers updated on the latest developments at the school and what they’re doing to ensure students are getting all the resources needed. Tweets typically discuss upcoming events and important things to know as a student at the university.

  146. @UA_JN


    The Department of Journalism teaches students to make sense of information, sort truth from fiction, and tell authentic and informational stories. They regularly tweet tips to journalism students about finding sources, accuracy in journalism, and social media.

  147. @KentStateJMC


    Kent State’s school of journalism and mass communication works to create successful and hardworking journalism students with both practical and theoretical knowledge of the communication industry. They teach students to embrace news in a number of ways – visually, correctly, creatively, significantly, and always ethically.

  148. @SBUjournalism


    The Stony Brook School of Journalism tweets all the latest happenings pertaining to graduates of their prestigious journalism program, while also outlining innovative ways to push the field forward. The tweets depict the various activities the school and its students get involved into, which helps push many careers forward.

  149. @UIOWA_SJMC


    Established in 1924, The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication has long been recognized as a leader in journalism education. The School has produced thousands of distinguished graduates, and some have gone on to win Pulitzer Prizes, Peabody Awards, and Emmy Awards.

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  151. @APStylebook


    The AP Style Book is the essential style manual for journalists. Their editors regularly tweet style tips and other journalistic news and thought.

  152. @guardianstyle


    As one of the most prolific publications in the United Kingdom, The Guardian has long stood as a source of integrity, with their style guide being no exception. Journalism students and professionals alike should make sure to be following this account, as it serves as a constant way to refine skills and stay updated on latest practices.

  153. @journtoolbox


    The journalist’s toolbox is a collection of links and resources for reporters, editors, academics. It was assembled and is maintained by Mike Reilley, a DePaul University professor.

  154. @HacksHackers


    The Twitter account of HacksHackers is an integral component in their mission of to creating and connecting a network of journalists and technologists rethinking the future of news and information. The goal of this group of like-minded people is to provide innovative thinking in the media.

  155. @Journoresource


    Journalist’s Resource compiles the latest research on the most pertinent news topics of today. They follow a wealth of leading journalists, so their retweets often are some of the most informative for journalists on the job.

  156. @comminternships


    Comm Internships posts a constant stream on their Twitter feed of internship opportunities and entry-level jobs to attain upon graduating. They follow many other figures in journalism and retweet other potential internships and job offers.

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