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100 Exemplary College Newspapers for Journalism Students | Journalism Degrees and Programs
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While the journalism industry undergoes serious upheaval as online publishing platforms become more accessible and capture more attention, student newspapers continue to be an integral part of college and university life, and a great way for new journalists to gain entree into an important but rapidly transforming career path. Student newspapers not only serve to inform a college’s students about campus happenings, but also provide a unique perspective on local and global news. Most importantly, student journalists learn to see stories everywhere and communicate them with diverse audiences. In an increasingly information-saturated culture, having storytellers to pluck relevant narratives out of the noise is more important than ever.

The student papers listed here, from colleges and universities throughout the United States and even some international institutes, are some of the best places for budding journalists to hone their craft, and for newsreaders to get new perspectives on current events. These papers aren’t ranked in any particular order, but are listed together here as fantastic examples of student journalism done right.

  1. The Lantern

    The Lantern

    The Lantern, the esteemed student paper from The Ohio State University, has a circulation of over 15,000 and is printed daily. At the height of print, The Lantern had circulation of 28,000 with readership pushing 75,000 people.

    • Connect: @TheLantern
    • School:The Ohio State University
  2. The Daily Aztec

    The Daily Aztec

    The Daily Aztec is a daily publication, with new issues Monday through Thursday during the academic calendar. It is the independent student newspaper of San Diego State University and premiered in 1913.

  3. The Daily Gamecock

    The Daily Gamecock

    The Daily Gamecock was founded in 1908 and is an editorially independent newspaper that serves the University of South Carolina. The newspaper is renowned for quality content and in 2011 was featured by the Princeton Review as a “Top 20 School Newspaper.”

  4. The Anchor

    The Anchor

    Rhode Island College’s student newspaper, The Anchor, has a circulation of about 3,000 readers and was founded in 1928. The newspaper’s content includes an interesting category on lifestyles, as well as more commonly found ones such as news, sports, and arts and entertainment.

  5. The Oxford Student Online

    The oxford student Online

    The paper was founded in 1992, and by 2001 had won the Student Newspaper of the Year at The Guardian Student Media Awards. Former contributors include writers for The Guardian, The Times, and The Independent.

  6. Cardinal Points

    Cardinal Points Online

    Cardinal Points serves the student body of Plattsburgh State University and has been around since 1940 under other names such as The Experiment and The Northern Light, but took on its current name in 1968. The privately run paper covers happenings in the upstate New York area.

    • Connect: @Cardinal_Pts
    • School: Plattsburgh State University College
  7. The Guardian

    UCSD Guardian

    The Guardian is a longstanding paper, completed independent of the University of California, San Diego with a circulation of 10,000. The paper is published twice a week on Mondays and Thursday and features content focused on issues in San Diego and the Southern California area, along with a wider scope of applying attention to other pertinent issues.

    • Connect: @UCSDGuardian
    • School:University of California, San Diego
  8. The Daily Titan

    The Daily Titan

    The Daily Titan serves the California State University, Fullerton student body and was founded in 1960. The publication covers a variety of areas, including a comprehensive opinion section.

    • Connect: @daily_titan
    • School:California State University, Fullerton
  9. The Heights

    The heights

    The Heights is the independent student newspaper of Boston College and was established in 1919. It is printed twice a week and has been selected many times over the past decade as an ACP Pacemaker Finalist.

  10. The Post

    The Post

    The Post serves the Ohio University student body, along with the surrounding Athens, Ohio area. Dense with content, The Post provides the latest news, sports, culture commentary, blogs, as well as multimedia resources.

    • Connect: @ThePost
    • School:Ohio University
  11. The Vermilion

    The Vermillion

    The Vermillion is the paper of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is complete with content covering news, sports, opinions, numerous features, all in a pertinent scope.

    • Connect: @thevermillion
    • School: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  12. NYULocal


    NYU Local defines themselves as “NYU’s Blog” and aspires to “keep students connected to a school that has no campus.” It has been noted in The Chronicle of Higher Education as an “intimate” way to share important information.

    • School: New York University
    • Connect: @nyulocal
  13. Clarion


    The Clarion has been reporting on campus issues since 1892. Their topics have now grown to include reviews on public entertainment, faculty salary, and guides to getting a summer internship.

  14. The State Press

    The State Press

    Features journalistic photos of the day and a police beat section. Also links to the literary magazine, where essays, how-tos, and reviews are published.

    • School: Arizona State University
    • Connect: @statepress
  15. The Houstonian

    The Houstonian

    The twice-a-week student-published newspaper of Sam Houston State University is The Houstonian. The paper publishes a wide variety of content, with in-depth focuses on social issues in addition to regular content.

  16. The Daily Iowan

    The Daily Iowan

    Founded in 1868 and awarded numerous National Pacemaker Awards, The Daily Iowan is a highly regarded student paper serving The University of Iowa.

  17. The Minaret

    The Minaret

    Established in 1933, The Minaret is the independent news source for the University of Tampa and surrounding area. The newspaper won nearly 20 awards between 2007 and 2011 and publishes a weekly newspaper as well as a quarterly magazine.

    • Connect: @minaret
    • School:University of Tampa
  18. Colorado Daily

    Colorado Daily com

    Colorado Daily is reportedly the longest running free newspaper in the country and has been in print since 1892. The paper typically covers issues around the University of Colorado and has won awards for investigative journalism stemming from events at the turn of the century.

  19. Minnesota Daily

    Minnesota Daily

    Minnesota Daily is the paper serving the University of Minnesota campus, along with the surrounding area. It is completely student-run and has been active since 1877, being renamed to its current moniker in 1900.

  20. The Hawks’ Herald

    The Hawks Herald

    The Hawks’ Herald is the student newspaper at Roger Williams University and has a print circulation of around 1,500 copies with a widely expanding base online. Approximately 20 issues are printed per school year.

  21. Old Gold & Black

    Old Gold and Black

    In 1916, Old Gold & Black was founded and it is the student newspaper of Wake Forest University. The paper is comprised of 4 main sections – News, Sports, Life, and the Opinion section.

    • Connect: @wfu_ogb
    • School:Wake Forest University
  22. The Johns Hopkins News-Letter

    the Johns Hopkins Newsletter

    The John Hopkins News-Letter is an in-depth publication serving the John Hopkins University student body since 1896. Circulation is estimated around 5,200 and it is released weekly. It is one of the oldest student-run newspapers in the country.

  23. The Famuan

    The Famuan

    The Famuan is the official student newspaper of Florida A&M University with a circulation of over 8,000. It was founded over 100 years ago and is published three times a week.

    • Connect: @TFamuan
    • School: Florida A&M University
  24. The Campbell Times

    The Campbell Times

    The Campbell Times was established in 1925 and is the student publication of Campbell University, being published monthly during the academic year.

  25. The Vermont Cynic

    The Vermont Cynic

    The Vermont Cynic was founded in 1883 to be an independent student voice for The University of Vermont and also provide valuable to news to the Burlington community. Editorial and business operations are run by students and it reaches over 6,000 people weekly.

  26. Student Life

    Student Life Studlife

    Student Life is the independent newspaper serving Washington University in St Louis since 1878. The paper has won the National Pacemaker Award three times, as recently as 2011, and circulates 6,000 copies physically and reaches over 200,000 people online.

    • Connect: @studlife
    • School:Washington University
  27. The Spectrum

    The Spectrum

    The Spectrum is the student-run newspaper of North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dagokta. Producing this paper allows communication majors the opportunity to learn all aspects of print journalism. The Spectrum has been in publication since 1896.

  28. The Sentinel

    The Sentinel

    Kennesaw State University’s The Sentinel provides students with responsible journalism and releases roughly 29 issues per academic year with 5000-6000 issues distributed.

  29. Daily 49er

    Daily 49er

    The Daily 49er is the student newspaper in Long Beach, California that serves California State University, Long Beach. The paper is extremely in-depth and includes a wide array of content, from regular columns on news, sports, and opinion, and more unique content like diversions, business, and the Daily 49er TV.

    • Connect: @Daily49er
    • School:California State University, Long Beach
  30. The Telescope

    the telescope

    The Telescope is the award winning college newspaper which got its start in 1946. The Telescope is run by current journalism students at the college and presents content in an intuitive way.

  31. The Herald

    Arkansas State University Herald

    The Herald of Arkansas State University was founded in 1921 with the online edition being founded in 1996. The circulation is approximately 5,000 and content includes an interesting #Life section that produces particularly thought provoking content.

    • Connect: @ASUHerald
    • School:Arkansas State University
  32. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Racquet

    The Racquet

    The Racquet at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is the official weekly newspaper, founded in 1910. The Racquet analyzes important issues in their viewpoint section, giving light to stories not typically given as much coverage.

    • Connect: @theracquet
    • School: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  33. @ West News

    at west news

    @West News serves the Arizona State University community with sports and campus news. Also includes a section of outreach for community volunteers and arts and entertainment for movie, book, and play reviews.

    • School: Arizona State University
    • Connect: @atwestnews
  34. The Kenyon Collegian

    The Kenyon Collegian

    Includes current news central to life on the Kenyon campus, including Walk for Life relays. Also includes interviews with students living abroad and advice from alumni on how to live cheaply after graduation.

  35. Central Florida Future

    Central Florida Future

    The Central Florida Future has been the student newspaper at UCF since 1968, it now features a blog roll written by students. Includes a multimedia section with videos and photos from events around campus.

    • School: University of Central Florida
    • Connect: @UCFnews
  36. The Daily Reveille

    The Daily Reveille

    Produced by the School of Mass Communications at LSU, the Daily Reveille publishes news and opinion articles daily. They aim to be very plugged in with students, and have accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  37. The GW Hatchet

    The GW Hatchet

    This long-standing student-run newspaper has been serving the George Washington Community since 1904. They are the second oldest continuously published newspaper in the District, after The Washington Post.

  38. Los Angeles Loyolan

    Los Angeles Loyolan

    The Los Angeles Loyolan has been awarded numerous accolades in recent years and is the official paper of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The paper has great coverage of news, opinions, along with dense content on arts and entertainment. They also feature a section highlighting Loyolan blogs.

    • Connect: @LALoyolan
    • School: Loyola Marymount University
  39. The Advance-Titan

    The Advance-Titan

    The Advance-Titan goes beyond just bringing students daily sports updates and campus news. They also have regular student opinion polls and job board services built right into their home page.

  40. The Berkeley Beacon

    The Berkely Beacon

    Founded in 1947, the Berkeley Beacon details life at Emerson College. It is a very student-centric publication, with blogs, opinion pieces, and embedded videos in their news features.

  41. Flyer News

    Flyer News

    The University of Dayton’s Flyer News is published twice weekly and offers a student voice about campus and community issues. The paper’s staff is also active on Twitter and Facebook, and regularly updates the Flyer News website with new stories.

    • School: University of Dayton
    • Connect: @flyernews
  42. Chicago Weekly News

    Chicago Weekly News

    Features news and events in the Chicago area and spotlights any news that affects U of C students..

    • School: University of Chicago
  43. The Chronicle

    The Chronicle

    The Chronicle is older than the university that it reports for. The first issue was published in 1905, by Duke’s predecessor, Trinity College, and its current online edition has a 70,000 member readership.

  44. The Georgetown Voice

    The Georgetown Voice

    The Georgetown Voice is the weekly student newspaper of Georgetown University. It was founded in 1969 and covers not only campus issues, but local and national items of interest. The Voice also hosts Vox Populi, a blog co-written by the staff of the weekly newspaper.

  45. The Emory Wheel

    The Emory Wheel

    Serving the Emory University student body since 1919, The Emory Wheel is the only student run newspaper. It’s published twice a week and prints around 5,500 issues.

  46. The Ball State Daily News

    The Ball State Daily News

    Featuring podcasts and student blogs, this media-centric paper is a student’s go-to source for news. They have sections of traditional student news, but also quick blurbs for “top stories” and “what to know on campus”.

  47. Iowa State Daily

    Iowa State Daily com

    The Iowa State Daily has been in print since 1890. It currently employees over 200 student writers reporting on campus news, as well as state and national news.

  48. Royal Purple News

    Royal Purple News

    Royal Purple News is an award-winning student newspaper that has been published since 1901. In that time, the paper has become a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.

  49. The Bona Venture

    The Bona Venture

    The Bona Venture has been reporting campus news since 1926. They are committed to open and honest perspectives and providing stories “you won’t find anywhere else.”

  50. The Chaparral

    the Chaparral

    A student newspaper that is very plugged into the university’s culture at large. Recent stories include national news event, current affairs, and commentary on art.

  51. The Shorthorn

    The Shorthorn

    In print since 1919 and online since 1997, the Shorthorn takes news seriously. With a small staff, they are able to produce a puzzles and cartoons section, life and entertainment, sports, and multimedia.

  52. The Chicago Maroon

    The Chicago Maroon

    Since 1982, the Chicago Maroon has been the student newspaper serving University of Chicago. Their viewpoints section covers a number of sophisticated and interesting topics, including grief, social media, long-distance relationships, and conservative politics.

    • School: University of Chicago
  53. Central Michigan Life

    Central Michigan Blogs

    This independent student newspaper has been in print since 1919 and has a great mix of student and university news, as well as coverage for local and national issues.

    • School: Central Michigan University
    • Connect: @CMLIFE
  54. The Commonwealth Times

    The Commonwealth Times

    In 2011, the Society of Professional Journalists awarded the Commonwealth Times first place in Breaking News photography and awards in editorial cartooning. Print issues are distributed on campus, as well as at local businesses and restaurants.

    • School: Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Connect: @theCT
  55. The Daily Barometer

    The Daily Barometer

    The Oregon State University student paper focuses on student activities and involvement. Their polls and “best of” voting pages emphasis student participation.

  56. The Daily Californian

    The Daily Californian

    Founded in 1871, The Daily Californian is one of the oldest papers on the West Coast and one of the oldest college newspapers. It is also completely independent from the university it covers, supporting itself with ad revenue.

    • School: UC Berkeley
  57. The Daily Orange

    The Daily Orange

    This newspaper began in 1903 and went independent in 1971. They have a readerships of 20,000 and publish 117 issues a year.

  58. The Daily Tarheel

    The Daily Tarheel

    In 1993, the Daily Tar Heel became financially independent by supporting themselves without the use of student fees. They circulate over 17,000 copies a year to over 215 locations on campus.

  59. The Daily Texan

    The daily Texan

    The Daily Texan has been serving the Austin community since 1900. Their news section includes local legislation and they have grown to include a podcast for news broadcasting as well.

  60. Daily Trojan

    The Daily Trojan

    The first issue of the Daily Trojan was printed in 1912. For the past 97 years, students have run and represented the news, opinions, and other features of the paper.

  61. The Daily

    The Daily of the University of Washington

    The Daily has been the newspaper for the University of Washington since 1891. Features all breaking news, sports and culture features, and includes a special sections for gaming and Greek life.

  62. The Daily Eastern News

    The Daily Eastern News

    The Daily Eastern News is a member of the Associated Press. They print campus news events, as well as news of interest to the community.

    • School: Eastern Illinois University
  63. The Daily Mississippian

    The Daily Mississippian

    The Daily Mississippian reports all Ole Miss student news, as well as opinion pieces and hot topic issues. Has news available online, as well a PDF version of the print version available on the website.

  64. Campus Times

    Campus Times org

    Composed and printed weekly since 1873, the CT is made up of six sections: News, Opinions, Features, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, and Comics. They have 8,000 email subscribers and distribute over 4,500 print issues.

  65. The Battalion

    The Battalion Online

    The Battalion is the student newspaper of Texas A&M, and it has been published regularly since 1893. The paper offers a rich online publication and paper editions Monday through Friday during the school year.

  66. The Daily Cougar

    The Daily Cougar com

    The Daily Cougar has been providing news to the University of Houston students since 1934. They are editorially independent and publish news Monday through Friday.

  67. The Stanford Daily

    The Stanford Daily

    Since 1982, The Stanford Daily has been found on campus. A print version is published every Monday through Thursday and they publish several issues throughout the year, including the orientation issue, Big Game issue, and commencement issue.

  68. The Cornellian

    The Cornellian

    Cornell College’s newspaper works to bring their students the latest campus news, as well as other student contributions such as entertainment reviews and student cartoons.

    • School: Cornell College
  69. The Tech Online Edition

    The Tech Online Edition

    The Tech, established in 1881, is MIT’s oldest and largest newspaper, and first newspaper published on the web. Their staff consists mostly of students and faculty, but occasionally finds contributions from alumni.

    • School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Connect: @thetech
  70. The Pendulum

    The Pendulum

    The Pendulum is an award winning student newspaper at Elon University created in 1974. Their small staff of only 45 students produce all content including writing, photography, and design.

  71. The New Perspective

    The New Perspective

    Born as the Carroll Echo in 1874, the New Perspective has grown to include a wider news base. It is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.

  72. The Rensselaer Polytechnic

    The rensselaer polytechnic

    The Poly, as this student newspaper is affectionately called, is printed for free and distributed throughout campus. It features news about faculty and schools sports, as well as student reviews of movies and games.

    • School: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  73. The Louisville Cardinal

    The Louisville Cardinal

    With regular photo updates, campus and local news, as well as sports scores and commentary, the Louisville Cardinal is a crucial news hub for students. The homepage also links to a housing section, with news and classified listings.

  74. Spartan Daily

    Spartan Daily

    Full of student articles and commentary, the Spartan Daily works to combine viewpoints and draw in student readership. It combines current events with timely article writing for a well developed student news site.

  75. The Fine Print

    The Fine Print

    The Fine Print combines political, environmental, and social news with arts and culture commentary and creative writing. Their writers and editors focus on hot topic issues, but also creative and unconventional issues.

  76. The Pitt News

    The Pitt news

    Established in 1910, the Pitt News has been the student news source for the University of Pittsburgh. They circulate over 13,000 print issues a day, with readership of 9 out of 10 students.

  77. The Daily Cardinal

    The Daily Cardinal

    In print sin 1892, the Daily Cardinal has been a source of news for the University of Wisconsin-Madison students. From the tragic and personal news of a student death to the national opinion coverage of gun control, the Daily Cardinal reports on it.

  78. The DePaulia

    The Depaulia

    The DePaulia is the newspaper for DePaul University, the large liberal arts college in Chicago, and they reports on all Chicago events. Dedicated to connecting with students, they have over 1,000 likes on Facebook and almost 2,000 Twitter followers.

  79. The Exponent

    The Exponent

    The Exponent was founded in 1889 and has been run by students since that time. Approximately 150 students staff the paper to bring Purdue University news and opinion pieces.

  80. The Dartmouth

    The Dartmouth

    The Dartmouth is the student newspaper of Dartmouth College and was founded in 1799. It’s the oldest student newspaper in American and is published daily, Monday through Friday during the school year and twice a week during the summer.

  81. Yale Daily News

    Yale Daily News

    Founded in 1878, Yale Daily News is the independent student newspaper of Yale University. It is regarded as the oldest, published-daily student newspaper.

  82. The Brown Daily Herald

    The Brown Daily Herald

    The Brown Daily Herald is the 2nd oldest daily-published student newspaper, having been founded in 1866. Circulation is approximately 4,000 and has many notable alumnus.

  83. The Daily Pennsylvanian

    The Daily Pennsylvanian

    The Daily Pennsylvanian was established in 1885 and is published roughly 136 mornings per school year, but wasn’t independent from the school until 1962.

    • Connect: @dailypenn
    • School:University of Pennsylvania
  84. Columbia Spectator

    The Columbia Spectator

    The Columbia Daily Spectator was founded in 1877 and is one of the oldest running college newspapers in the country. Independent from the university since 1962, the paper has a circulation of about 8,000 people.

  85. The Harvard Crimson

    The Harvard Crimson

    The Harvard Crimson was founded in 1873 and includes an impressive list of past editors. The Harvard Crimson is also published every morning and is the only “breakfast-table” newspaper in Cambridge, Mass.

  86. The Cornell Daily Sun

    The Cornell Daily Sun

    The Cornell Daily Sun was founded in 1880 and is independent from the university. Kurt Vonnegut was the associate editor in 1944 and the paper is published Monday through Friday.

  87. Fourth Estate

    Fourth Estate

    Fourth Estate is the student newspaper from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and provides local content and a thought-provoking ‘Off the Wall” section.

    • Connect: @4eUWGB
    • School:University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
  88. The Diamondback

    The Diamondback

    The Diamondback was established in 1910 and is a daily newspaper that is student-run and focused on the University of Maryland.

    • Connect: @thedbk
    • School: University of Maryland
  89. The Tech Talk

    The Tech Talk

    The Tech Talk is the student newspaper of Louisiana Tech University, typically covering the latest and most pertinent news in the Ruston, Louisiana area.

  90. The Temple News

    The Temple News

    The Temple News is the student publication of Temple University, although it is editorially independent from the school. It is published every Tuesday and has a circulation of approximately 8,000.

  91. The Sentry

    RMU Sentry Media

    The Sentry is the student-run newspaper of Robert Morris University, published monthly with content published on television and radio as well.

  92. The Michigan Daily

    The Michigan Daily

    The Michigan Daily is the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and was first published in 1890. The paper is printed daily during fall and winter terms and then weekly during the spring and summer.

  93. The News

    The News Murray State

    The News is the student newspaper for Murray State University. A wide range of content includes special sections that highlight different events at Murray State.

  94. The Argonaut

    The Argonaut

    The Argonaut is the student newspaper of the University of Idaho and provides a wealth of interesting articles, along with radio and blog sections. The student media tab also highlights the radio full color magazine that are run in conjunction with the paper.

  95. The Arka Tech

    The Arka Tech

    Arkansas State University’s student newspaper, The Arka Tech, has an intuitive layout with the top story featured on the left and a simple list of stories next to it.

  96. The Bucknellian

    The Bucknellian

    The Bucknellian is the student newspaper of Bucknell University. Founded in 1896, the student paper currently has a circulation of 4,500 and is one of the oldest student activities at the university.

  97. The Rebel Yell

    The Rebel Yell UNLV

    The Rebel Yell is the student newspaper of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and provides a plethora of content focused on mostly happenings at the university and Las Vegas area.

  98. Luther College Chips

    Luther College Chips

    Luther College Chips is the student newspaper of Luther College and typically reports on news, arts and entertainment, along with a variety of features, and student opinions.

  99. The Colonnade

    The Collonnade Georgia

    As the student newspaper of Georgia College & State University, The Colonnade is published throughout the year, focused on providing the highest quality in content. They include slideshows and a leisure section on top of regular content.

    • Connect: @GCSUnade
    • School:Georgia College & State University
  100. The Concordian

    The Concordian

    Concordia College has its own student-run newspaper, titled The Concordian. They supplement news with a television section and a “Game Room” for study breaks.

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