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The New Media Landscape: 105 Vital Sources for Journalists | Journalism Degrees and Programs
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Anyone mourning the “death of journalism” based on the closure of a few newspapers hasn’t been paying attention. The exponential growth of Internet connection speed and accessibility has ushered in a journalistic renaissance, fusing art, reporting, and storytelling into a single pursuit. Multimedia and new media journalism are the new normal, and anyone hoping to thrive in the competitive journalism marketplace will have to work with not only the written word, but moving and still images, interactive web presentations, and a plethora of other tools that make rich, digital storytelling so powerful.

General New Media Journalism

New Media is a broad term that can refer to everything from interactive photo and video displays to social blogging platforms, and those who are able to integrate all types of media into compelling narratives will be the most successful journalists.

  1. 10,000 Words


    Mediabistro’s 10,000 words bills itself as “Where Technology and Journalism Meet,” and they do a great job living up to that tag line. The site’s coverage of trends in journalistic style and content, use of technology by citizen journalists and professionals, and broader movements in media make 10,000 Words a daily must-read for anyone in the media.

  2. Knight Lab


    The Knight Lab at Northwestern University is an engaging site comprised of technologists, journalists, educators, and designers who are all working to create new innovations relevant to news media. The Lab is one of the most cutting-edge facilities of its kind and works with numerous institutions throughout the country.

  3. Nieman Journalism Lab


    Nieman Journalism lab has some of the best content for prospective and current journalists around. An initiative of Harvard University, they foster one of the best environments for journalists.

    • Featured Content: Fuego
  4. Columbia Journalism Review


    The Columbia Journalism Review has a strong presence in the journalism community and their goal is to communicate some of the leading issues of today with tact and brevity. They largely succeed and this is why it’s such a great resource concerning New Media.

  5. Future Journalism Project


    The Future Journalism Project works to provide the latest news concerning journalism and concise tips on how to improve reporting and refine a journalist style that is not only attention-grabbing, but also eloquent.

  6. Grantland


    Grantland, founded by ESPN veteran Bill Simmons, adds unparalleled depth and richness to sports journalism by going beyond the usual stats and figures model of reporting. The Grantland style of storytelling makes use of broad cultural references to contextualize sports events and figures and convey deeper, more meaningful narratives about them. This site is a prime example of new media, interdisciplinary journalism done right.

  7. Journalist’s Toolbox by Society of Professional Journalists


    The Journalist’s Toolbox is an informative site that is incredibly dense with tools for those working in print or television news. The Society of Professional Journalists aims to protect the role of journalism as a crucial part of American society and a tool for promoting a well-informed, self-governing populace.

  8. DigiDave – Journalism is a Process, not a Product


    DigiDave is the blog run by David Cohn, a writer who has worked for Wired, Seed, Columbia Journalism Review, and The New York Times. Cohn’s tag line is “Journalism is a Process, Not a Product,” and he uses the blog to write about new tools and movements at the intersection of journalism and technology.

  9. Cyberjournalist


    Cyber journalist is a great place for getting a better grasp on how digital technology is changing the media and how we receive media. With numerous accolades, including some from Cnet, Vanity Fair, and USA Today, it’s an important site for anyone curious about how media is evolving.

  10. J-Lab


    J-Lab funds different journalistic endeavors to promote an effective model for 21st century practice. They support different institutions through research initiatives and insight from extensive industry experience.

  11. Shreeya Sinha


    Award-winning journalist Shreeya Sinha is Senior Staff Editor at The New York Times’ Foreign desk. Her collaborative multimedia pieces on social issues such as psychological trauma in gangs and misogyny in India have earned her a plethora of awards. Sinha is an ideal role model for anyone hoping to make a difference with multimedia journalism.

  12. International Journalism Festival


    The International Journalism Festival draws journalists and media entrepreneurs from all over the world. IJF is hosted in Perugia, Italy annually and it offers a venue for intellectual discussion and debate on the current and future state of journalism.

  13. Rajneesh Bhandar


    Based in Nepal, Rajneesh Bhandari is a multimedia journalist who is widely accredited and has reported from numerous countries, produced documentaries, and much more. It’s a great resource for students to see how far one can advance as an independent journalist.

  14. Jack Lail


    The official website of Jack Lail details what it’s like as the Director of Digital for the Knoxville Sentinel. Posts have interesting content and often discuss various elements of online media.

  15. News Entrepreneurs


    News Entrepreneurs is a blog that provides insight on how the digital age is transforming the face of digital media. It’s a great site to help any journalists starting out.

  16. i-Docs


    iDocs is a site dedicated to helping people interested in the field of interactive documentaries. In addition to useful resources for learning, they also have reference material for seasoned professionals.

  17. 100 Reporters


    100 Reporters advocates to bring new journalism for a new age by approaching issues in unique ways and detailing important policies that can end up shaping the way society views different issues.

  18. The Association for Women in Sports Media


    The Association for Women in Sports Media is an international organization that supports the promotion of women in sports media. Comprised of both women and men, the organization has some of the most pertinent information for aspiring or active women journalists today.

  19. It’s All Journalism


    It’s All Journalism is a podcast and blog that details some of the most interesting information in the field, often interviewing or discussing some of the most relevant issues to journalists.

  20. Markette Smith


    Renowned journalist and TV correspondent Markette Smith has made a large splash in the industry and her website is a great resource for those wondering how to successfully apply hard work in the journalistic community.

  21. Willa Kammerer


    Based in Portland, Maine and New York City, Willa Kammerer focuses on freelance videowork and producing different multimedia pieces. Her work provides incredible introspect for aspiring journalists and is a worthwhile site to check out.

    • Featured Content: Work
  22. Visual Journalisms


    Visual Journalisms is a place for multimedia journalists to gather and discuss issues within visual communications and work through obstacles they may have, while also providing insight into some of the foremost issues of today.

  23. Stuff Journalists Like


    Stuff Journalists Like takes a humorous, cynical-yet-hopeful look at issues that all journalists will face as technology continues to transform the field. SJL is a great example of how melding personal opinion with actual reporting can create an entertaining and informative format for storytelling.

  24. The Multimedia Journalist


    The Multimedia Journalist is the online companion to the book of the same name. The book focuses on fostering the next visual storytellers by providing the best educational tools for multimedia journalists. Their practical approach is also useful in understanding the common setbacks people face.

  25. Advancing the Story


    Advancing The Story is a modern take on journalism and has comprehensive tools for becoming a better journalist and understanding how to properly operate within the ethical boundaries the profession entails.

  26. VideoJournalism


    VideoJournalism is run by Cyndy Green, a freelance videojournalist who worked for 28 years as a camera/editor/live truck operator and 10 years as a high school teacher focusing on broadcasting and multimedia.

  27. Common Sense Journalism


    Common Sense Journalism is a monthly blog from Doug Fisher, a former broadcaster and newspaper reporter. Currently, he’s a Senior Instructor at the University of South Carolina and promotes higher standards within the journalism community.

  28. Mostly Media


    Mostly Media blogs about every sort of media, along with incorporating politics and some culture into the issues. Its colorful layout is inviting to readers and content is very informative.

  29. The Blind Monkey


    The Blind Monkey is the blog of self-made multimedia journalist Andrew Kornylak. His unique journey, as portrayed through the work he shares on his blog, is an inspiration for multimedia journalists who travel off the beaten path.

  30. Survive Your Job In Television News


    Survive Your Job in Television News is a blog grounded in reality that helps those who work in the industry avoid common pitfalls. It’s useful for many different types of people in the field, so many will find it useful.

  31. Blue Earth Blog


    Blue Earth Blog helps to promote impact-driven photography projects for the purpose of educating individuals on different causes and presenting the important issues of today.

  32. AR&D: Reinventing Local Media


    AT&D: Reinventing Local Media works with organizations throughout the company to ensure they have the means to properly tailor to the audience they’re aiming for. They have many different services and specialize in content marketing.

  33. Cheryl Jackson


    Cheryl Jackson is an esteemed journalist with experience at several recognized television journalism organizations, most notably CNN. Her work in video, audio, and written reporting sets her apart as an individual that knows how to merge various media into compelling narratives.



    Regarded in numerous circles as one of the most relevant social media users by a variety of publications, sree sreenivasan is definitely an important figure in the journalism community as well. As an adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School and also the Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he’s well versed in new media.

  35. MediaStorm


    MediaStorm is a well-known studio that focuses on film production and interactive design work. They’ve won a number of awards and aim to present some of the most pressing issues in today’s society.

    • Featured Content: Blog
  36. Investigative Reporters & Editors


    Investigative Reporters was started in 1975 to provide a platform for journalists to help each other with story idea, innovative methods for gathering news, and advice on how to compile sources.

  37. Richard Koci Hernandez


    Richard Koci Hernandez is the Assistant Professor of New Media at the UC Berkeley Graduate School. He won an Emmy and been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes for his journalistic work, and he’s a prime example of someone who knows how to incorporate visual and textual storytelling into seamless stories.

  38. The Fourth Bit


    The Fourth Bit is an awesome section of that focuses on technology and its implementation in journalism to propel useful techniques for conveying information in the 21st century.

  39. Online News Association


    Online News Association has only increased in notoriety as the burgeoning field of online communication has become more prevalent in today’s society. The nonprofit organization advocates on behalf of journalists and helps them use technology to drive the newest innovations.

  40. Innovative Interactivity


    Innovative Interactivity is an engaging site working to help creative professionals and journalists with the most important aspects of their jobs.

  41. Journalism Interactive Conference


    The Journalism Interactive Conference is an annual meeting that convenes to discuss journalism education in today’s society, along with the place that digital media has in it all.

    • Featured Content: 2014
  42. Center for Journalism Ethics


    The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Journalism Ethics is an engaging platform for better educating prospective journalists on the narrow path that must be walked when it comes to navigating the ethical quandaries within the field.

  43. Journalism that Matters


    Journalism that Matters underlines the impact that journalists can have in today’s world and how technology helps to move forward on collaborative efforts and allow journalists to be the most up-to-date in their field as possible.

  44. #Interhacktives


    #Interhacktives is made up of the latest in social media news, digital journalism, and information concerning online communities. The site regularly highlights tools and tips for getting the most mileage out of free, online tools for multimedia storytelling.

    • Featured Content: Data
  45. New Media Toolkit


    New Media Toolkit collects tools from around the Internet that not only improve digital journalism, but enable the users to more effectively help nonprofit organizations, along with ethnic and community news organizations become more effective at tailoring messages.


    Journalismorg is the official site of the Pew Research Journalism Project. They have some of the foremost resources for journalism today and this is through the different research and polling that they engage in.

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    Digital Storytelling

    Digital formats such as the web, slideshows, blogs, and many others allow for a new style of storytelling that is more collaborative, more intuitive, and more engaging than static words and pictures. Many journalists use digital storytelling media and techniques to create pieces that are entertaining, informative, and unforgettable.

  48. Journalist’s Resource


    Journalist’s Resource delves into interesting topics within journalism today and has sections designed for journalists and instructors, allowing each of them to do their job with increased effectiveness.

  49. The New Digital Storytelling


    The New Digital Storytelling focuses on innovative new ways to tell stories in a digital setting. The site explores the new approaches and their increasingly practical application.

  50. Data Driven Journalism


    Data Driven Journalism conveys all the information where journalism and data meet. It’s a useful tool for getting the latest events, tutorials, interviews, and even case studies.

  51. Media Helping Media


    Media Helping Media is a great site that has a much less individualistic approach to working in the media and advocates for journalists of all walks of life and emphasizes.

    • Featured Content: Blog
  52. Center for Digital Storytelling


    The Center for Digital Storytelling is a contemporary resource for anything related to telling stories through a digital format. By not being chained merely to one area, such as education or professional development, they’re able to better serve digital storytellers and readers on a global scope.

  53. Transom


    Transom is one of the best resources when it comes to public radio in the 21st century. Their articles and stories have impressive brevity and they even host workshops.

    • Featured Content: Tools
  54. Digital Journalism, Multimedia Journalism, Online Journalism: A journalism instructor’s observation and thoughts


    This blog is loaded with online digital skills courses and is the only database for digital journalism degree programs in the United States. Posts have some of the latest information relating to journalism and their approach allows them to stay at the forefront of what’s happening in the field.

  55. Silence Speaks


    Silence Speaks is an international storytelling site that helps give a voice to the victims and witnesses of violence, abuse, and displacement. The workshops they put together are an interesting blend of spoken word, educational tools, and media productions.

  56. Educational uses of Digital Storytelling


    Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling is a site focused on conveying the important medium of the 21st century, which has rapidly evolved into the use of digital devices to detail information. The site has useful tools for painting the most realistic picture of important issues within different cultures.

  57. Story Guide


    Story Guide helps people produce and properly edit stories and videos online. Through a wealth of experience, the group is able to provide the most informative information on refining video production and much more.

  58. Mediashift


    Mediashift is a well-known part of PBS that has different pieces on how digital media is changing the landscape of journalism in a variety of ways.

  59. Journotech


    When it comes to engaging journalism tools in the digital world, JournoTech is a leader. Their multimedia tools and leading techniques concerning video, photo, and audio storytelling have promoted them to the top of the industry.

    • Featured Content: Photo
  60. PSU Media Commons


    PSU Media Commons is one of the most well-known resources for building a stronger multimedia journalism portfolio. If you’re a student or a journalist looking to refine skills, it’s a worthwhile stop on the Internet.

  61. Tow Center for Digital Journalism


    From the Columbia Journalism School comes Tow Center for Digital Journalism, a highly regarded source for research and work in the classroom for emphasizing the growing importance of the digital medium relevant to journalism.

  62. Digital Journalism


    Digital Journalism is a site compiled of wide-ranging student journalism galleries and resources. For those looking for many different pieces of the advice for advancing the modern journalism endeavor, the site is very useful.

    • Featured Content: Photo
  63. The Digital Journalist


    The Digital Journalist is a contemporary tool for compiling some of the best information for journalists possible. They host workshops and have wide-ranging reviews of cameras and other useful items.

  64. Digital Storytelling


    The site Digital Storytelling gives a contemporary voice to individuals to tell stories in new and exciting ways that emphasize the new methods for conveying information today.

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    Interactive Media

    Interactive media allows consumers to become creators, and to participate in the formation of news stories, investigative pieces, and all manner of journalistic pursuits. By opening journalism up to the input of the consumers, interactive media creators bring a whole new set of ideas to the table.

  66. Newseum


    The Newseum is a unique institution in Washington D.C. that explains elements of how news has developed, its integral place in a balanced society, and the implications of this field on society.

    • Featured Content: News
  67. Poynter News University


    Poynter News University has some of the best resources for prospective journalists to get training, writing advice and much more. They work with over 270,000 students and have self-directed courses for learning at your own pace.

  68. Teaching Online Journalism


    Teaching Online Journalism is the blog of Mindy McAdams, who teaches online journalism at the university level, and regularly shares insights about how journalists can use the internet, data analysis tools, and freely available software to amp up the quality and power of their journalistic work.

  69. Thinglink


    Thinglink is an informative tool for people to make images more engaging by adding music, video, text, images, and more. As a social media platform, it allows users to connect and find others with similar interests.

  70. Infogram


    Infogram is a colorful and easy-to-use tool that lets interactive infographics be created with ease on any number of subjects. Over 1.2 million infographics have been made and it’s incredibly useful for anyone with a a research based, data-driven story to tell.

  71. CoveritLive


    CoveritLive helps administer unique solutions to those who work in news and it allows them to cover spots, major events, and important happenings around the world by providing an engaging platform to quickly sift through conversations and information.


    FinalCutProfcpco is the most comprehensive resource for Final Cut Pro available on the Internet. Through their large number of members, content is updated at an incredible rate, while still maintaining unparalleled quality. Independent journalists working with video need to master this essential tool.

  73. Associated Collegiate Press


    The Associated Collegiate Press is a way for students to have an accredited organization by which they can depend on for a variety of needs and reinforce journalist integrity. They also regularly post news on different developments concerning college-level journalism.

  74. Zeega


    Zeega aims to make creating and sharing videos easier and does so through engaging tools that not only helps the user, but supports the view as well through an easy-to-navigate interface.


    schooljournalismorg is the main website of ASNE’s Student Journalism Initiative , and it offers a comprehensive set of articles regarding writing, multimedia storytelling, civil literacy, and new media overall.

  76. Inventing Interactive


    Inventing Interactive promotes the ways that media design, experimentation, and innovation lead to breakthroughs in the media and the way information is presented to us.

  77. Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism


    Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism is a part of the City University of New York and works to educate students on business aspects of journalism and promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and business management.

  78. The New York Times Student Journalism Institute


    The New York Times Student Journalism Institute chronicles the path of some of the most impressive journalism student in the country. Their program helps develop and refine journalism skills at an unparalleled level.

  79. Dickinson College Media Center


    Dickinson College Media Center is a great place to refine multimedia journalism skills due to their large amount of equipment available to students, such as cameras, mics, light kits, green screens, and more.

  80. Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication


    Teaching Journalism & Mass Communication if a journal that focuses on the specific issues faced by those teaching the journalists of tomorrow. In addition to the journal, they also have a newsletter and a convention.

  81. Vignette Interactive


    Vignette Interactive is a team of journalists, developers and designers who work to further develop visual storytelling through engaging pieces.

  82. College Media Association


    The College Media Association works ardently to focus on student media programs and ensure they have the resources to succeed on advancing their journalism careers.

  83. College Media Matters


    College Media Matter is an impressive organization that advocates the importance of fostering great media skills at the college-level, so that they’re best-equipped to succeed following graduation.

  84. Center for Scholastic Journalism


    The Center for Scholastic Journalism is a part of Kent State University and details some of the best ways to go about advancing your degree in journalism and refining your skill set.



    A Changing (and Multimedia) World is a site focused on the University Pompeu Fabra and their workshop class on advanced multimedia journalism.

  86. Innovation in College Media


    Innovation in College Media presents the latest in multimedia journalism as relevant to a college setting. The site has lists of resource, along with consulting.

  87. JPROF


    JPROF promotes the best content for teaching journalism and is a great resource for teachers and students alike. Their updated look emphasizes ease-of-use while still conveying the best information possible.

  88. Newsroom 101


    Newsroom 101 is a site for students and others who need intensive practice in grammar, spelling, usage and journalistic style. It offers more than 2,000 instructional quiz items and is widely assigned in college courses in journalism, public relations and communication.

  89. RebelMouse


    RebelMouse connects with a user’s social media profiles and other online materials and semi-automatically builds a visually appealing page that can be used as an online identity, portfolio of work, or just a personal record. This company is making use of the semantic web to help people share stories about themselves in every digital medium.

  90. PhotoPeach


    Slideshows were an early entrant into the multimedia landscape, and they’re still used by major journalism organizations to visually narrate stories. Photopeach is a free tool that allows anyone to build and share slideshows online.

  91. Pixlr


    Pixlr provides great photo editing tools and services that allow you to bring your pictures to an unparalleled level in quality. They have a variety of services, so when you’re editing your own photo s for stories, it’s easier to give them to appeal they need.

  92. Newsroom Director


    Newsroom Director helps improve different elements of newspaper production around the country. Their goal is to handle background processes that, if not properly maintained, can derail successful organizations.

  93. Ken Stone’s Final Cut


    Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro is a source for journalists and editors to approach the complicated aspects of Final Cut Pro with increased ease and accessibility. The site divides content nicely into many different areas and has information on everything from editing to hardware.

  94. Soundslides


    Soundslides is a medium designed for journalists and storytellers of all kinds to quickly assemble high-quality stories through pictures and audio clips. It allows for compiling pictures, videos, screenshots, and much more, all field-tested on deadlines.

  95. Datawrapper


    Open source technologies have changed the face of industries and Datawrapper is an open source resource that allows for the quick creation of charts that are concise and embeddable.

  96. Storify


    Storify makes it easy to snip content from all over the web and organize it into a compelling narrative that can be easily shared elsewhere online. The tool’s future is uncertain, since it is in the process of being merged with LiveFyre, but combined tools will likely remain a useful resource for journalists and anyone else with a story to tell.

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    Video & Photography

    Video and photography have been a part of journalism for as long as they’ve existed, but only now, with the explosive increase in access to Internet-ready devices that can display video, have these media truly been integrated into the sphere of new journalism. Crowdsourced videos of newsworthy events regularly gain international viewership, and the integration of video, photo, and words into single narratives makes for a more powerful and moving experience of journalism both for creators and consumers.

  98. American Society of Media Photographers


    The American Society of Media Photographers is an organization that fosters an environment for the community of media photographers to come together, discuss different issues within the profession, and much more.

  99. VideoNuze


    VideoNuze has all the latest information on developments in the multimedia realm of online videos. Their interesting news roundups and chronicling of hot topics has allowed them to lead the way on content development.

  100. C.A. Parkinson


    C.A. Parkinson is a journalist who has worked around the world, but is based in the United Kingdom. This blog particularly focuses on military conflict in the past, as well as present.

  101. Rosenblum TV


    Rosenblum TV is a leading company when it comes to implementing the best television crews and creating the best solutions for companies concerning multimedia journalism and production.

  102. VJ Movement


    Over 150 video journalists come together from 100 countries to bring together VJ Movement because many times stories require multiple perspectives. By having journalists covering the stories from many different angles, it allows the view to make the most informed decision, versus just interpreting one person’s view on an issue.

  103. UKCameraman


    UKCamerman details the incredible sights a cameraman sees and the difficulties often undertaken to get some of the most impressive shots for the sake of journalism.

  104. Yo! Cameraman!


    Yo! Cameraman! Is run by a TV news photographer who talks about what it’s like to be doing this job in Charlotte, North Carolina. He ponders on different issues and what it’s like to be behind the camera during some of these disasters.

  105. Viewfinder Blues


    Viewfinder Blues publishes different information relating to life as a photojournalist and cameraman. The posts are interesting and have impressive perspective on issues.

  106. Kobre Guide


    Kobre Guide is an online guide to some of the best video and multimedia journalism in the country. Ken Kobre is the photojournalism program at San Francisco State University and has taught students who have gone on to win some of the most prestigious awards in the field.

  107. Philip Bloom


    Philip Bloom is an incredibly renowned filmmaker who has worked with a number of the largest and most successful companies around. With an impressive resume and a site loaded with educational tools and reviews, it’s good for any budding filmmaker or multimedia journalist.

  108. Mastering Multimedia


    Mastering Multimedia blogs about useful ways for individuals to understand the latest in multimedia journalism and how to best operate within the field.

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