Top 30 Job Sites for Careers in Broadcast Journalism

As a career journalist, you may realize that you can choose from a variety of venues for your career. You may choose among television, radio or Internet news outlets with a job in journalism, photography or even in film making and documentaries. This is an industry that employs over three hundred thousand people in the U.S. alone. To help you compete in this field, we’ve provided 30 job sites for careers in broadcast journalism that include job boards, but also site to provide you with tips and tools for a career in this field.

Meet The PressSpecific to the Industry

  1. AdWeek Media Job Market: Although this job resource is specific to the industry, the jobs are widely varied. They include Web design as well as media journalist jobs.
  2. B-Roll Television Photography Jobs: If you want to get into photojournalism within the broadcast media, this site lists jobs specific to that career choice.
  3. Broadcast Journalism Internships: If you want to break into the industry with an internship, this site lists competitive internships to candidates seeking jobs in broadcasting. Broadcast journalism internships are offered specific to the type of media that the candidates wish to pursue a career in.
  4. Career Page: This service by the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA) offers a career hub for users. Members of NASBA are managers and chief executives of state broadcast trade associations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  5. CBS Radio Career Center: This site is an example of a venue-specific career resource. It focuses entirely on jobs within CBS affiliate stations and only in radio.
  6. Cub Reporters Journalism Jobs: Although this site focuses on reporting, it also treats new media and broadcast journalism with equal respect and space.
  7. Film Crew Pro Jobs & Opportunities: Use this site to find jobs in the film side of broadcast journalism and documentaries.
  8. Jobs 4 Journalists: This link leads to the broadcast journalism section of a site that focuses specifically on journalism careers.
  9. Journalism Crossing: The Journalism Crossing site focuses on jobs from every employer career page, job board and news source they can find.
  10. Journalism Jobs: was founded in August 1998 by Dan Rohn, a former copy editor and business writer with The Washington Post, editor with America Online, and Washington, D.C.-based stringer for Money Magazine. is the largest and most-visited resource for journalism jobs, and receives between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month.
  11. Journalism Now: This site represents an extensive resource for journalists, with news, career tips and job resources, including new media and broadcast journalism.
  12. Lost Remote Social TV and Digital Media Jobs: From digital media professionals to social media strategists, Lost Remote is where tech-savvy TV execs keep tabs on transformative changes in the television industry.
  13. TV and Radio Jobs: Although not as populated with job opportunities, these listings are up to date and relevant. This site also includes a “positions sought” category.
  14. TV Jobs: This site is an Internet-based employment service dedicated to helping you find employment in the highly competitive broadcast marketplace.
  15. TV Newser Job Listings: Search for broadcasting jobs from New York to California. Searches also allow for full-time or part-time or freelance positions.

On The AirLarger Job Sites

  1. Broadcast Journalism: This section in HigherEd Jobs offers a number of job and career opportunities for those individuals with a college degree.
  2. Broadcast Journalism Jobs: Job Rapido carries a good number of broadcast journalism opportunities from some choice selections such as PBS and Clear Channel Communications.
  3. Indeed Broadcast Journalism: Compared to the list specific to the industry above, the career choices on this section of the Indeed job site are sparse.
  4. Media – Journalism – Newspaper Jobs: This CareerBuilder section contains all the jobs listed at this site for a broadcast journalism career.
  5. Simply Hired Broadcast-Journalism: Use this site to search through thousands of job boards and company career sites that list broadcast media jobs.


  1. American Broadcast Talent: This recruiting agency works only with broadcast talent in large to small markets. You must already have an area of specialization, including news, sports, weather or entertainment.
  2. Broadcast Career Link: Broadcast Career Link is an electronic recruitment resource for the industry. Here, employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs.
  3. Broadcast Journalism: Meet top talent and see if you’re connected at this section of LinkedIn…which may mean an easier row to hoe when it comes to job hunting.
  4. Broadcast Journalism Resume: This page represents one of hundreds of sites where you can find a sample resume for broadcast journalism.
  5. Broadcast Media and Journalism Career Guide: Explore careers in broadcast media and journalism with the links to job descriptions at this site. It includes information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.
  6. Careers In Broadcast Journalism Occupational Outlook: For readers who are exploring careers in broadcast journalism, or who want to know more about broadcast journalism salaries, this “Salary Story” at Payscale is one show you don’t want to miss.
  7. Filcro Media Staffing: This site is an example of recruitment tools you may want to use to find a broadcasting journalism career. As a retained media and broadcasting executive search firm, Filcro Media Staffing functions throughout the entire United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East and South America with primary offices located in New York City.
  8. Media College: This site offers free educational and job resources for all electronic media. They have hundreds of exclusive tutorials covering video & television production, audio work, photography, graphics, web design and more.
  9. Start in TV: This site may give you all the insider information on how to choose the right job and tips for flying through your interviews. You’ll benefit from comprehensive support to create the perfect CV for your career choice.
  10. Tips for Getting Started in Broadcast Journalism: Browse through this entire site (Poynter) for networking, job opportunities, educational advice and career tips, all focused on journalism in general, and some specific to the broadcast industry.
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