Graduate Degrees in Communication

Career Options with This Degree

A master’s degree in communication allows students to qualify for advanced jobs in this field, which in turn means that they have the chance to make more money. At this level, students complete many of the same tasks as they may have done with just an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, but with a higher level of responsibility. Those with master’s degrees in communication often work in leadership positions, as managers or department directors. With an educational background in communication, students can work in a number of fields, such as social networking and public relations, journalism, and television. A master’s degree gives students the skills to advance to a higher level in whatever career field they have chosen.

Average Salary of Degree Holders

With a master’s degree in communication, expect to make more money in a respective field than one would make with just a bachelor’s degree. According to PayScale, students can make anywhere from $30,000 to a six-figure annual salary. The exact amount students receive depends largely on their position and employer. Keep in mind that larger companies and government departments typically can afford to pay their communications employees more money than smaller companies.

Coursework Required to Obtain This Degree

Many colleges that offer master’s degrees in communication allow students to choose one area of specialty, such as business or technical writing. The coursework students take cover some general communications topics, but many of their classes are centered on the specialty they choose. Students learn advanced skills in their field, as well as take upper-level classes in areas just as mass media, Internet technologies, and marketing. Every college degree program is different, so the exact courses students take depend on the college they attend. Students can also get a master’s degree in another area too through a dual degree program, so they can work in a specialized field like public health communications or communication education.

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