Obama Administration is Least Transparent White House in Half-Century

President Obama promised a transparent government as part of his second term in office, but there may be no larger issue that he has failed to deliver on. Again and again, citizens are denied the right to public participation in correlation with our government and the media is dismissed whenever possible, according to a slew of recently published articles.

A new report by the Columbia Journalism Review claims that the relationship between the Obama administration and the press is the least open it’s ever been. The report suggests that President Obama is not living up to the promise he made only a few years earlier to be a more transparent government. Continue reading

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World Press Photo Revokes Award for Giovanni Troilo

A jury for the World Press Photo contest announced earlier this week that they decided to revoke the first place award of an Italian photographer for misrepresentation of one of the images in his series of photos.

The organization based out of Amsterdam, announced the disqualification for the 10-photo series on the underbelly of a struggling town in Belgium, shot by Giovanni Troilo.

The photo in question depicts Troilo’s cousin having sex with a woman in the back of his car. Troilo used a flash inside of the car to highlight the movement within the car and create a contrast with the dark surroundings of the night. However, critics argued that Troilo’s use of a remote-controlled flash violated the rules of the contest because they felt as though it was staged, and more reminiscent of art instead of photojournalism. Continue reading

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Journalism Loses Two Greats: Mourning David Carr and Bob Simon

It’s been a tough past couple of weeks for journalism with the deaths of two prolific and incredibly revered journalists. 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon and New York Times columnist David Carr died earlier this month, both close to their offices.

Bob Simon, 73, who had worked as a correspondent for 60 Minutes for nearly 20 years, died earlier this month in a car accident on his way home from the studio. Simon had just finished production on his final segment, a report on a new drug that could combat the deadly Ebola virus that continues to sweep through Northern Africa. Continue reading

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Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly Caught in Lying Scandal

Two celebrated journalists have found themselves in the hot seat after embellishing details of their experience while reporting and their future in the media industry is unclear.

It emerged earlier this month that Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, had lied about his experience in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Williams had claimed that when reporting in Iraq that his helicopter was shot down. In reality, it was the helicopter flying in front of him that was hit by a grenade.

After breaking the initial story, Stars and Stripes reported on more inaccuracies in Williams reporting, including exaggerations on Williams’s reporting on Hurricane Katrina and encounters with Navy SEALS, according to Cleveland.com. Continue reading

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Ann Curry to Leave NBC for Media Startup

It was announced earlier this month that after nearly 25 years with NBC, Ann Curry was planning to leave the network to join a media startup.

Curry has had an incredibly successful, yet tumultuous relationship and career with NBC since joining the network in 1990. She first joined at the NBC News Chicago correspondent, then as the anchor of NBC News at Sunrise until 1996 – she also acted as the stand-in for for Matt Lauer when he was out from 1994 to 1997. That same year, Curry became a news anchor for the Today show until 2011 when she replaced Meredith Vieira as co-host of Today. Continue reading

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Sports Illustrated Laid Off Entire Photo Department

It was announced earlier this month that the iconic Sports Illustrated had laid off their entire photography staff, according to the National Press Photographers Association.

The remaining six staff photographers, including Robert Beck, Simon Bruty, Bill Frakes, David E. Klutho, John W. McDonough, and Al Tielemans were informed mid-afternoon last Thursday that they were being let go. Brad Smith, Sports Illustrated director of photography confirmed the news with News Photographer magazine. Continue reading

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Deadliest Nations for Journalists 2014

The job of a journalist can be incredibly dangerous when working from nations in conflict and this year has proven to be one of the most deadly on record in recent years.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, an organization that keeps track of journalists who have been killed, kidnapped, or who have gone missing, 2014 marked the end to the most dangerous three-year period for journalists ever on record. In total, 60 journalists and 11 media workers were killed this year compared to 70 journalists and four media workers in 2013. The majority of these journalists were local people covering local stories and approximately one-third were freelancers. Continue reading

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Five Best Free Apps for Journalists in 2014

As a journalist you can often find yourself rushing to make a deadline and reporting on the fly.  It comes in not only handy, but imperative to have reliable smart phone apps that help you get the job done.

Since you may not always have access to a JVC camera, audio recorder, or sometimes even a reliable pencil I’ve put together a list of the five best apps for journalists that I’ve found necessary to help me do my job in a pinch. Continue reading

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Diem Brown, Entertainment Reporter and MTV Reality Star, Dies at 34

Diem Brown, MTV reality star and reporter died earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. She was 34 years old.

The “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” star and entertainment reporter was admitted to a New York City hospital on November 9. She took to Twitter, telling her 20,000 followers that she refused to give up.

“Doctors are seemingly giving up…but I won’t and can’t roll over,” she tweeted. “Whatever option I have to LIVE I’m grabbing!” Continue reading

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Uber Exec Wants to Spy On Journalists

A senior executive at Uber – a private rental car service, came up with the outlandish plot to counteract bad public relations, not by solving problems but by making more.

Senior vice president of business, Emil Michael, made comments earlier this month during a conversation that he thought was considered off the record regarding how he would handle their media scandals in the future. After his company received a handful of negative reviews and criticisms in the media, Michael suggested that Uber hire a task force with the sole purpose of digging up dirt on the personal lives of reporters who criticize their company. Continue reading

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