Degrees in English / Language Arts

Career Options with This Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree in English or language arts means that students qualify for a number of careers. First and foremost, many people go into teaching, as English instructors are needed at every level, from elementary school to advanced degree programs. Students can also use their writing skills to work in an office environment, speeches, writing things like technical manuals, press releases, employee handbooks, and more. The Internet is also a huge source of jobs for English majors, giving degree holders the chance to work in web content writing, ebook writing, blogging, search engine optimization, and social networking. Of course, jobs are also still available with traditional media, so a bachelor’s degree in English can lead to working in a journalism field at a newspaper or magazine.

Average Salary of Degree Holders

The sky is the limit when it comes to a bachelor’s degree in English. Entry-level office and teaching positions in this field typically have average starting salaries, which increase as students gain experience. Students can also supplement their income as a freelance writer, either through non-fiction work, short stories and poetry, or novels. As a writer, students typically make more money if they understand social networking and Web 2.0, so taking some classes in this fields, either in college or on their own, can be beneficial.

Coursework Required to Obtain This Degree

A bachelor’s degree in language arts is heavy in writing and literature courses. If a student’s concentration is teaching, they also take a number of educational courses to learn about things like curriculum planning. On the other hand, if students want to get into technical writing, they could benefit from science and computer courses, and if they want to work in an office setting, business courses prepare students for their career. The key is to supplement writing courses with courses in the field that is of most interest.

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