Our 14 Favorite Blogs for Journalism Students

With newspapers going under all over the nation, journalism is becoming an increasingly hard field in which to start a career as the number of opportunities in traditional media are rapidly dwindling. Journalism students shouldn’t despair just yet, however, as the web and other digital outlets are offering a host of new opportunities that may help fill the gaps left by the loss of many local papers and print magazines. One way to get a leg up is by studying the trends, technologies, and intricacies of the modern world of journalism, a goal which is most easily accomplished by becoming an avid reader of journalism blogs. Here are 14 blogs we think are essential reads for journalism students. Enjoy!

  1. Adweek: This blog makes it simple to keep up with news in the press, television, technology, and advertising.
  2. Journalism.org: Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism shares data, analysis, news, and reports through this must-read blog.
  3. journajunkie: Here, readers can find articles on a wide scope of journalism-related topics.
  4. Mashable: While not journalism-focused, this blog is still a must-read for anyone who wants to be at the cutting edge of social media and digital technology.
  5. The Online Journalism Review:The Knight Digital Media Center, USC, and UC Berkeley in California all contribute to make this blog an informative place for any students or journalists looking to learn more about digital journalism.
  6. Nieman Journalism Lab: The Nieman Foundation at Harvard maintains this blog, full of journalism ideas, media updates, and more.
  7. Columbia Journalism Review: Head to this blog for a look at the world of journalism from all sides, courtesy of the students, professors, and professionals at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.
  8. Teaching Online Journalism: The web plays a key role in journalism these days, something you can learn more about from Professor Mindy McAdams via this blog.
  9. Poynter.: This organization’s blog is home to great news on all things journalism and media.
  10. Stuff Journalists Like: Entertaining and interesting, this blog pokes fun at and highlights stuff that journalists will undoubtedly agree is pretty cool.
  11. Overheard in the Newsroom: This blog catalogs some of the ridiculous and funny things that are said in newsrooms.
  12. Center for Investigative Reporting: This blog shares investigative reporting stories from around the world, which makes for some pretty inspiring reading.
  13. Rhetorica: With Rhetorica, readers will find thoughtful commentary on the intersection between politics and journalism.
  14. PR Watch: The Center for Media and Democracy based in Wisconsin shares updates on the media in politics and controversial issues here.

Journalism Schools and Degrees

Full Sail University — The MS in new media journalism from Full Sail University allows journalists to keep their skills sharp all while meeting the demands required by today's media consumers. The degree program combines traditional methods of journalism with emerging technology. You'll learn how to produce multimedia content, use social media to engage audiences and promote your work, and publish and distribute content across digital delivery platforms. Read more about Full Sail University.

Southern New Hampshire University — Southern New Hampshire University offers a MA degree in communication that combines courses in communication with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter careers in advertising, business writing, corporate communications, journalism, and more. Read more about Southern New Hampshire University.

Walden University — Walden University offers a Master of Science degree in communication that combines communication theory with practical skills. This particular degree focuses on journalistic aspects of new media, including Web publishing, online video, podcasts, Web conferencing, and more. Assignments consist of exercises reflecting the material and interaction with other students taking the same course.

Grand Canyon University — For the aspiring journalist, Grand Canyon University offers a BA in communications degree with three different specializations: digital film production, graphic design, and public relations. Students of the communications program are prepared to become leaders in the fields of media and communications.

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