22 Useful Sites to Find Journalism Internships

Do you enjoy writing, and getting at the truth of the matter? If so, you might make a great journalist. Journalists are becoming more prominent these days as the Internet provides a platform for more people to share their stories — even if they lack formal training as a journalist. Of course, while these so-called “citizen journalists” add an important layer to our society, there are still those who dream of working for major news organizations. For jobs at the top, you need some sort of training and experience.

If you want to get the training you need to be hired by some of the top news organizations, you will need a journalism degree, and to complete an internship. An internship will give you the hands-on experience you need to learn the ins and outs of being a journalist. You will practice writing, meeting deadlines and even editing. On top of that, an internship gives you the chance to make connections and meet people who can help your career later on. If you do a good job at an internship, you might be hired on later.

For someone with the dream of being a top journalist, an internship is an important step. If you are looking for an internship, here are 22 useful websites to help you find the right journalism internship for you:

  1. Media Bistro: This is one of the best places to go if you want to look for jobs and internships in the industry. There are a number of entry-level journalism jobs and internships listed on this site.
  2. JournalismJobs.com: Another great place to look for internship opportunities. You can also find fellowships and other resources to help you in your career.
  3. Poynter: For anyone who is serious about journalism, Poynter is vital. This is the premier think tank for journalism and media ethics, technique and industry news. You can also get access to internship information from around the country and the world, as well as entry-level jobs and jobs for the more experienced.
  4. American Society of News Editors: Check out this professional organization for helpful hints when it comes to finding internships. This is a great place to start if you know that you want newspaper experience. Head to ASNE and make connections with newspaper editors who might give you an internship chance.
  5. Society of Professional Journalists: Another professional organization, the SPJ can be a great place to go for information on available internships in print, online and broadcast journalism. Connect with professional journalists, learn how it’s done, and get pointed in the right direction for internships.
  6. AP Careers: The largest press organization in the world, the Associated Press offers unique and varied opportunities for interns all over the world. While the internship program is currently on hiatus, it will resume in 2012, so it’s time to get your application ready!
  7. Internships.com: This general internship web site has a section devoted to journalism. It includes different types of journalism, so you can find internships in broadcast, magazine, music, online, science, and sports journalism — as well as in other categories. A great place to start your search for a journalism internship.
  8. American Journalism Center: You can find some great opportunities by interning with the American Journalism Center. You get the chance to learn solid skills and techniques, and put them into practice every day.
  9. NewsJobs.net: Find different career and internship opportunities on this web site. You can keep up with the latest news and information, as well as apply for internships open all over the country.
  10. Simply Hired: This general jobs web site also features internships and entry level positions. It’s a great place to look if you want information on available internship opportunities.
  11. Mass Media Jobs: You can find a number of opportunities on this web site. Internships in a number of media arenas are available, and it is possible for you pinpoint different positions around the country.
  12. I Want Media: Poke around on this web site, and you will run into plenty of journalism internship opportunities and entry level jobs. It’s a great starting point for tips, resources and industry news.
  13. Media Biz Jobs: Look through available jobs listings and internships. This is a great resource for finding positions at a number of different media outlets — especially if you are involved in broadcast journalism.
  14. The Write Jobs: While this web site is devoted to all sorts of writing jobs and internships, it is nonetheless useful for journalism internships as well. A great resource for all things in your writing career.
  15. Kaiser Family Foundation: If health reporting is your thing, a media/journalism internship through the KFF might be the right move for you. There are a number of host organizations willing to bring on interns and provide you with a great opportunity.
  16. American Society of Business Publication Editors: Cover business news and information, and get your foot in the door at some of the best business publications in the country. Track down internships through this professional organization.
  17. Be a journalist: Links to internship opportunities, industry news and more. A great resource if you are looking to get started out as a journalist.
  18. Investigative Reporters and Editors: Are you ready to get the real meat of a story? If so, you might want to look for an internship with a media outlet that values investigative reporting. The IRE web site might be just the thing to help you browse internships and entry level jobs.
  19. Society of Environmental Journalists: Check out this society’s web site to learn more about the types of jobs and internships available for those who are interested in reporting on environmental issues.
  20. World Press Institute: Use this website to pinpoint different internships and fellowships all over the world. A great resource if you are interested in journalism opportunities on a global scale.
  21. Pew Research Center: The Project for Excellence in Journalism is a great place to look for information on jobs and internships in the industry, as well as news, methods and ethics.
  22. Copy Editing: For those interested in an internship aimed more at editing, this web site can be a useful starting point. You can find entry level jobs, internships, training, and other resources. A perfect place for the burgeoning editor.
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