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Top 50 Freelance Writing Blogs | Journalism Journeyman
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Top 50 Freelance Writing Blogs

When you start out as a freelance writer, the worry is all about getting that job. Then, you worry about getting paid. Then, you begin to worry about creativity, writer’s block and grammar. Then, you may wonder how other freelance writers conduct business. This list covers all those topics, with links to fifty freelance writing resources that are updated, relevant and fresh.

Every blog contained in this list was written by freelance writers, so you get the scoop straight from the industry. No matter which genre you choose to write, the following list contains the fifty best freelance writing blogs today for business, creativity, tools and tips.

Freelance Writing Business

  1. About Freelance Writing: Anne Wayman has been a freelance writer for over three decades. She posts jobs, original article, answers your questions and reviews products that she uses.
  2. All Freelance Writing: All Freelance Writing offers insight into issues facing freelance and other types of writers, writers’ markets, freelance writing jobs, and more.
  3. Freelance Folder: This blog is about freelancing in general, but with a huge focus on freelance writing. Enjoy forums, a job board and some great articles.
  4. Freelance Switch: This blog covers a vast array of topics about life as a freelancer, from business to creativity to jobs.
  5. Freelance-Zone: This blog is an all-around “how to” live a life as a freelance writer. Topics include writing and career resources, media, getaways for writers, tools of the trade and great ideas on how to spend your time off.
  6. Freelancers Union:Freelancers Union is a national membership organization that’s free to join. The blog covers issues such as advocacy, insurance, retirement and more.
  7. Irreverent Freelancer: Kathy Kehrli is a ten-year veteran of the freelance writing world whose success has hinged on being assertive. Learn more about this anti-rug mentality through her blog.
  8. The Freelance Writing Jobs Network: This blog and article network contains job leads, writing tips, grammar guides and tools for all genres of writing.
  9. The Urban Muse: Susan Johnston is a freelance writer who covers topics including business, lifestyle and careers.
  10. ThursdayBram: Thursday tackles the business side of writing for a living, including answers to taxes, health insurance and overhead.
  11. WebWorkerDaily: if you’re in the business of sitting in front of a computer all day — as are many freelance writers — then, this blog is up your alley, with productivity, career, how-to, apps and lifestyle advice and tips.
  12. Word Count: WordCount regularly checks in on what’s happening at newspapers, magazines and Web-based news organizations so you can stay on top of the latest software tools, social network tips and Web apps.
  13. Writer Beware Blogs! This blog represents a publishing industry watchdog group that “shines a light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls.”
  14. Writers In Business: Nothing like an accountant who writes! Brigitte Thompson is an accountant who has written several books on recordkeeping and taxes and she shares interviews with other writers and more on her blog.
  15. WritersWeekly: If you’re a long-time freelance writer, then you know about this blog. If you’re new at the business, you can find jobs, writer’s warnings, articles and more at this site.

Copywriting, Business Writing and Journalism

  1. Bob Bly, Copywriter: This blog belongs to Bob Bly, freelance copywriter and marketing consultant with three decades of experience in business-to-business, high-tech and direct marketing.
  2. Business Writing: Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, founder of Syntax Training in Seattle, Washington, is fairly contagious with her passion for a well-written message or document.
  3. Claude Adams, Freelance Journalism: This man is a freelance journalist, documentary filmmaker and teacher of broadcast journalism theory and practice.
  4. CopyBlogger: Brian Clark is an authority when it comes to blog writing and you cannot afford to miss any of his articles if you want to become a good writer. Seriously.
  5. Freelance Copywriters Blog: This blog is a resource for copywriters, business owners and those who enjoy writing and perhaps want to take their skill to another level.
  6. ProFreelancing: Chad has a degree in English and a career as a copywriter. Learn from his expertise.
  7. Recovering Journalist: Mark Potts is an entrepreneur and consultant who works with media and Internet companies on strategy and product development. This blog contains his throughts on how writers and readers create, receive and interact with news, information and advertising.
  8. The Copywriter Underground: Tom Chandler writes, consults and teaches marketing for over two decades.
  9. The Copywriter’s Crucible: Matt has written articles, websites and sales copy on all sorts of topics, and he shares his content development on this blog.
  10. The Well-Fed Writer Blog: Veteran commercial freelancer Peter Bowerman is the author of the award-winning Well-Fed Writer titles, which are how-to standards in the field of lucrative commercial freelancing-writing for businesses.
  11. The Write Blog: A direct concept — create a copywriting business and your writers also can blog about tips and gems of wisdom. Great blog for forging new links, battling writer’s block and more.
  12. Writing White Papers: This blog belongs to Michael Stelzner, the author of Writing White Papers and writer of more than 130 white papers for recognized companies.

Blogging Skills

  1. Blogging Basics 101: There are no ‘stupid questions’ at this blog, which is focused on blogging, blogging tools and jobs.
  2. Blogging Tips: Take your blog to the next level with advice, forums, themes, useful links and much more offered by the writers at this blog.
  3. John Chow dot com: This mogul has survived the worst of the worst and lives to write about how you, too, can write for a living.
  4. ProBlogger: If you’re a blogger and you don’t know Darren Rowse, then you haven’t scoped out the best in the art of blogging and making money.
  5. ReadWriteWeb: ReadWriteWeb provides analysis of Web products and trends as well as tips and tricks to intelligent blogging.
  6. The Writer’s Manifesto: This blog is about sharing the knowledge of making money on the Internet. It is about blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing and Internet marketing.

Writing Tools and Tips

  1. Confident Writing: Power up your words and find your writing boice through this blog, based upon the book and the Confident Writing writers’ retreats.
  2. DailyBlogTips: Daniel Scoccos tarted developing blogs and websites in 2005, and Daily Blog Tips is the place where he shares what he learned along the way.
  3. Daily Writing Tips: DailyWritingTips is designed to help you find simple and effective daily tips to improve your writing, in a format easy to fit into your busy work day.
  4. Grammar Blog: This site has been “mocking poor grammar” since 2007. Find tips on how to avoid being mocked yourself.
  5. Men With Pens: This blog is written by two amazing writers who want you to improve your writing skills.
  6. Motivated Grammar: Gabe Doyle, a fourth-year graduate student in Linguistics at the University of California, is not the grammar police. Nor is he a mocker. He has embarked on a mission to show that grammar should consist of rules that allow us to communicate more efficiently, clearly, and understandably — period.
  7. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks: You may or may not learn any grammar “rules” from this “blog,” but you can have a “good” laugh perusing the site.
  8. The Grammarphobia Blog: This site gets a huge nod, because it’s more than grammar — it’s all about learning, about all sorts of odd things. Great for boning up on writing skills as well as chipping away at writer’s block.
  9. Time to Write: Jurgen Wolff offers tips, ideas and inspirations for writers and would-be writers and other creative people.
  10. Write to Done: If you’re a freelance writer who is familiar with Zen Habits and you like Leo Babauta’s writing style, then you’ll love his blog about the craft and the art of writing.
  11. Writing Forward: This is a creative writing blog filled with grammar tips, literary news and writing exercises that help writers hone their skills.

Writers Writing for Writers

  1. Achieve Freelance Writing Success: Chris’s main source of income is freelance writing, but he also earn through blogging and affiliate marketing, as well as other methods. This blog shows how you can make money as a freelance writer, too.
  2. Bad Language: Matthew Stibbe is Writer in chief at Articulate Marketing and editor of Golf Hotel Whiskey, the free online magazine for pilots. he writes about writing (many different genres) in this blog.
  3. Freelance Writing: Allena Tapia offers great advice, tools, links and news for all freelance writers, including tips on how to get published in major outlets and salary information.
  4. The Anti 9-to-5 Blog: Michelle Goodman fled her cubicle in 1992 to become a freelance writer. She writes for some healthy clients and offers some advice on how to thrive and survive as a freelance writer yourself.
  5. The Writer’s Blog By Dana Prince: Dana offers tips for writers, mentoring for new writers and stories about her own journey as a freelance writer.
  6. Successful Freelance Writer: This blogger writes about her writing career with the motivation that the more experience she gains and the knowledge she uncovers, the more opportunities she can open for other writers.

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