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Top 50 Journalism Blogs | Journalism Journeyman
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Top 50 Journalism Blogs

If you have uploaded photographs to an online news source, or if you have become an ‘iReporter’ or a citizen who reports on various events for a news service, you might have become enamored with journalism. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned journalist, you may have become disillusioned in how this field has changed over the past decade. With the changes wrought by online venues and phones that can report instant messages and photographs, many amateur and professional journalists alike are asking, “What is a journalist, and where is this field headed?”

One way to gain perspective on this writing genre is to read what other journalists are saying about this field. Their first-hand accounts of changes within journalism, including topics such as ethics, technology and the format for journalistic writing, can be found in journalists’ blogs. The following list of top fifty journalism blogs includes blogs that focus on citizen, or grassroot, journalism, personal blogs from professional reporters, journalism school-supported blogs, blogs on a new media focus, organizational blogs and self-professed bipartisan resource blogs that provide primary resources for investigative writing. Each link within those categories is listed in alphabetical order to show readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Citizen Journalism

  1. Cplash: This is a citizen journalism platform where citizens can express, share and discuss their views and opinions about any issue.
  2. This site is a news and resource site that focuses on how the Internet, convergence and new technologies are changing the media.
  3. Global Voices: Over 200 bloggers around the world work together to provide translations and reports that normally are not heard from traditional media.
  4. Media Shift: PBS and host, Mark Glaser, deliver information to the “Digital Media Revolution,” including topics on legacy media, business, social media and more.
  5. Online Journalism Blog: This blog offers opinion and news on topics that range from citizen journalism to online journalism and focuses on Internet-published content.
  6. Wired Journalists: This is a social media network “home” for collaborative journalism on the Web, powered by citizen journalism and supported by Publish2.

Personal Blogs

  1. Aron Pilhofer works for the New York Times and shares his perspectives about journalism on his blog.
  2. BuzzMachine: Jeff Jarvis, author of What would Google Do? and associate professor and director of the City University (NY) interactive journalism program, blogs about media and news at this blog.
  3. Common Sense Journalism: Doug Fisher, former broadcaster, newspaper reporter and wire service editor, provides his perspective on journalism today.
  4. Craig Silverman: Silverman is a freelance journalist and author who lives in Montreal, Canada.
  5. Cybersoc: Robin Hamman has over ten years experience devising, implementing and managing social media projects, particularly within the broadcasting and media sector.
  6. Depth Reporting: Mark Schaver, assistant metro editor for the Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal, shares his perspectives on journalism, technology, useful Web sites and other information.
  7. DigiDave: David Cohn has worked with pioneering journalism bloggers such as Jay Rosen and Jeff Jarvis. He is an open source journalism advocate.
  8. Invisible Inking: Ryan Sholin has been a corporate online news evangelist, an online editor, a reporter, a bartender and more. Now, he directs news innovation at Publish2.
  9. Jaron Report: Jaron Gilinsky is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, correspondent for Time, the New York Times and Current TV, based in Jerusalem.
  10. Jon Slattery: A freelance journalist out of London, England, provides outlooks from his neck of the woods.
  11. Journalistics: Jeremy Porter, out of Atlanta, Georgia, started this blog on journalism, public relations and social media topics.
  12. Journerdism: Will Sullivan is the Nerd behind this blog, a constant student and teacher who works days as Interactive Director at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
  13. Julie Posetti: This journalist and journalism academic from Australia who focuses on advocacy issues and who blogs at J-Scribe about many other issues.
  14. Megan Taylor: Taylor is a web developer, multimedia producer and journalist who works with the Poynter Institute, PBS MediaShit and Norwood News among other organizations.
  15. Teaching Online Journalism: Mindy McAdams teaches university courses about online journalism and shares her knowledge in this blog.

School-Supported Journalism Blogs

  1. Center for Social Media: The School of Communication at American University sponsors this blog, which focuses on digital journalism.
  2. CommPilings: The Annenberg School for Communication Library offers a blog filled with tidbits and links to resources related to a broad definition of communication – including journalism.
  3. Jschool Student Blog: Students at the Journalism Education and Training college in Australia offer this blog. They include a list of online journalism student blogs from around the world as well as commentary.
  4. Nieman Journalism Lab: This blog is a collaborative attempt to define journalism today. This blog is based out of Harvard, and collaborators include the Harvard Business School, the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations.
  5. Notes from the Edge: This blog is sponsored by the Knight Digital Media Center, which is partnered with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and the USC Anneneberg School for Communication.
  6. Poynter Online: Supported by a St. Petersburg, Florida school for journalism, Poynter Online delivers journalism topics and issues via this Web site, RSS, podcasts, Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Professor Alfred Hermida, an award-winning online news pioneer and journalism educator who teaches integrated journalism at the University of British Columbia, provides his take on media, society and technology.
  8. Socialnetwork: CUNY Graduate School of Journalism hosts this blog and more on this site.
  9. The Kicker: One of two blogs offered by Columbia University through their Columbia Journalism Review online.
  10. The Spectrum: This blog is supported through the Urban Journalism Workshop at New York University, and is designed to encourage minority students to consider a journalism career.


Find more organizations at Journalistics’ list.

  1. Freepress: This is a national, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that works to reform media and to encourage diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, quality journalism and universal access.
  2. Online Publishing Association: Founded in June 2001, the Online Publishers Association (OPA) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to representing high-quality online content providers before the advertising community, the press, the government and the public.
  3. PJNet: The Public Journalism Netword is a global professional association of journalists and educators. The blog is mainly written by Leonard Witt, the Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication at Kennesaw State University, who focuses on citizen journalism.
  4. Society of Professional Journalists: This organization, founded in 1909, is a broad-based organization dedicated to encouraging free journalistic practice based upon high ethical standards. They include a list of blogs through their site as well as news.

New Media Focus

  1. Editor & Publisher: This site and it’s blog/news resource covers all aspects of the North American newspaper industry.
  2. Hypercrit: Michael Becker writes about journalism, but with a broader lens on new media and digital culture.
  3. Innovation in College Media: The Center for Innovation in College Media is a non-profit think-tank that was created to help college student media adapt and flourish in the new media environment.
  4. Innovation Journalism: This blog on journalism, information, public affairs, public relations and media is provided by Jan Sandred, 2004 Innovation Journalism Fellow and Business Reporter at San Francisco Chronicle 2005.
  5. Mediactive: The goal behind this blog is to help people become active and informed media users, consumers and creators. Dan Gillmor, director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is in charge.
  6. Multimedia training and video journalism: Robb Montgomery trains journalists and media professional in multimedia reporting. His blog provides insight into his work.
  7. Photojournalism From A Student’s Eye: A student in photojournalism shares his portfolio as well as his perspectives on this form of journalism.
  8. Publishing 2.0: This blog focuses on how technology is transforming media, news and journalism.
  9. The Digital Journalist: This online magazine focuses on journalism as presented mainly through images. Watch this one closely, as it has grown tremendously over the past few years.
  10. The Nonprofit Road: A look at journalism as a nonprofit venture, an emerging business model.


  1. Capital Eye Blog: This blog, sponsored by, focuses on a nonpartisan perspective about money, influence and elections and public policy.
  2. Governmentdocs Blog: This collaborative project contains a vast database of government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The blog focuses on news, transparency and accountability.
  3. LittleSis: The proclaimed “antidote” to Big Brother, this is a free database that details “connections between powerful people and organizations.” The blog is where the LittleSis team and guest bloggers post commentary, research and updates.
  4. OpenCongress Blog: OpenCongress uses open source tools to track bills, representatives, funding, and votes and provides some analysis and site news on its blog.
  5. The GovTrack Blog: This blog focuses on site news and occasional analysis of U.S. legislation and is part of a larger tool that feeds legislation from various states.

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