7 Open Courseware Journalism Classes Everyone Should Read

If you want to pursue a career in journalism or are already pursing one, you don’t have to worry about tuition money for those extra classes. There are a number of free open courses classes available online from reputable colleges and universities. Take your time and explore the different aspects and principles in journalism offered by these classes. You will be pleased to realize that you will be able to forge your career in the exciting world of journalism quite easily.

Introduction to Media Studies
This is the course for Media Studies for students who are grown up in global multimedia environment and wish to be literate and critical consumer and producers of media. This course defines all the aspects of media, including, oral, print, performance, photographic, broadcast, cinematic and digital cultural forms and practices. This course looks at the Mediated communication, the functions of media, the history of transformations in media and role of media in society.

Effective Writing and Communication
There are a number of free online classes on writing and communication which are fundamental in journalism available from reputable colleges and universities. These classes teach you how to improve your grammar and communication skills in journalism. They also teach you how to understand and connect effectively with others. Among the other classes available is cleaning your copy. It will teach you on identifying grammar mistakes i.e. is stylistics and spelling errors. It’s very suitable for learners who have a serious intention in pursing journalism as a full time career.

BBC Writing Training
The BBC news style guide highlights various aspects of methods by the news agency BBC .It helps you to become a more effective writer. There is also the technology for professional writer’s classes. The classes explore the different technology available for writers who do not have the necessary background on technology.

Columbia Interactive Journalism Course
This open courseware is part of the curriculum offered at Columbia University under subject journalism.  It consist of new updates and news about journalism part of university syllabus and there is consisted a good number of list on topics under e-seminar provided over here.

News University
News University was consisted and prepared by The Poynter Institute for Media Studies funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.  NewsU cater to the journalists need for the training and provide interactive, inexpensive courses that are preferred by journalist at all level of experience ad in all types of media.

Information Law and Policy
This open course deals with a number of policies that is related to copyright and other laws related to this aspect of journalistic as well as creative writing. Course provides an introduction to the students about copyright, legal protection to database, licensing of information, consumer protection, liability for insecure systems and defective information, privacy and international information policy.

Communications and Information Policy
Course featured with an extensive readings list, lecture notes, and examples of team project gives an introduction to the technology and policy context of public communication networks. This course discusses communication models as represented by government and complexities of ever emerging technologies in context of government model and other related issues.

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